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Why Avenza Maps?

Why Avenza Maps?

Reliable mapping tools

Record GPS tracks, add placemarks, add photos, measure distances, and much more.

Find your location offline

Avenza Maps offline GPS app on your mobile device can locate you on any map, without WiFi or network connectivity.

Your team. Your maps

Import your custom maps with Avenza Maps Pro, ideal for deploying maps to others before heading out in the field.

Best maps by the best publishers

Download professionally curated digital maps on the Avenza Map Store from the best renown publishers.

For Adventurers

Powerful offline GPS map viewer for wherever your next adventure takes you

  • Hiking


    Find your next trail with thousands of hiking maps available in the Avenza Map Store

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  • Offroading


    Go off the beaten path and never get lost with our off-roading maps

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  • Hunting


    Stay aware of your surroundings with our maps for hunting

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  • Camping


    Go camping, glamping or RV-ing, we have maps for them all

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  • Cycling


    Find new trails for your next biking trip with our cycling maps

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  • Fishing


    Land your next big catch with our fishing maps

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  • Skiing


    Tackle the slopes with confidence with our maps for skiing

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  • Snowmobiling


    Navigate through the snow with our specialty snowmobiling maps

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  • Paddling


    Canoe, kayak, or row your way around the water with our maps for paddling

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  • Orienteering


    Find your way around with our orienteering maps

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  • Horseback Riding

    Horseback Riding

    Explore the equestrian within you with our horseback riding maps

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  • City Tours

    City Tours

    Find the hidden parts of a new city with our maps for tourists

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  • Flying


    Soar to your next destination with our collection of flying maps

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  • Sailing


    Chart your next voyage using these maps for sailing

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Looking for places around you?

Find maps wherever you are in the moment. Let us do the work for you and find the best maps in your area for any activity!

For professionals

Offline mobile mapping and data collection for professionals in all fields.

Discover Pro Features
  • Military

    Military & Government

    Manage your assets with Avenza Maps

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  • Firefighting


    Prepare to tackle the next big blaze with Avenza Maps

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  • Forestry


    Take care of the forest with Avenza Maps

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  • Mining, Oil, & Exploration

    Mining, Oil, & Exploration

    Map new resources with Avenza Maps

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  • Conservation & Recreation

    Conservation & Recreation

    Keep track of trails and wildlife, or keep visitors on the right course with Avenza Maps

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  • Non-Profit Organizations

    Non-Profit Organizations

    Give your team the tools they need to succeed with the Avenza Maps.

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  • Utilities & Renewable Energy

    Utilities & Renewable Energy

    Fuel the world around you with Avenza Maps

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  • Education


    Learn something new with the Academic Partner Program at Avenza Maps

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Avenza Maps App Reviews

”I absolutely LOVE this app!!! We travel a lot and stay on people's property across the U.S. and I always download maps for the areas we are going to be in. I love checking out the older topo maps and seeing what I can find and it's really fun to show the property owners what used to be around. I've also found a cave that a property owner didn't know they had, super cool! I also use it for metal detecting to find good places to go! 10/10 this app is awesome!“
Erin Boosey
Erin Boosey
”You can download AMC maps! Edit as of 05/08/2022: I've been using this on several 4000 footers in NH, and I definitely still recommend this app. It's a great additional tool for the physical map you should already have. It shows where you are on the map based on your phone's GPS. It also allows you to take notes by placing pins on the downloaded map. Also note: once a map is downloaded, the app works offline.“
Christopher Solter
Christopher Solter
”Great app!.. everything I like about paper maps and nothing I hate about digital maps. Satelite connection is very solid and tracking is accurate. This app also hosts a sweet cache of maps. I use it to get around northern WI on atv and snow machine. I used it to find my property boundries by setting the coordinates and following the heading! I use this app nearly every day and I would just like to say thanks a bunch to the developers.“
”Really cool app. It allows me to download state park maps, which are available for free, and use them to navigate around hiking trails in real-time so I can become more familiar with them. Very useful tool and makes it a lot less daunting to go to larger areas without having to worry about getting lost.“
Avril Skywalker
Avril Skywalker
”This is the best map app ever! I am not an expert by any means, but I do use them a lot, and this app is the closest thing to GPS you can get! Many features, too many to mention here! Try it you will like it! Of course, it costs to buy maps and get excellent functionality from the app itself but it's well worth the price. Try it free (I bet you buy it)“
Ginger From B'more
Ginger From B'more

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