Need a Map? We’ve Got Nearly a Million in the Avenza Map Store

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Where Am I?


Avenza Maps is well known among recreationists and professionals as a handy mobile mapping app for use in locating yourself in remote areas. However, the first time you open the Avenza Maps app, you may ask yourself ‘Where is the map and where am I?’

It’s true that by default, there aren’t any maps loaded into the app. That’s because we know that people use Avenza Maps for many different reasons and that you should use just the right map, at the right scale and with the right information, for whatever you’re doing. So instead of serving up a map that may not be quite good enough, we have compiled a huge collection of all kinds of maps for you to choose from. The Avenza Map Store - found inside the Avenza Maps app - is a collection of nearly 1 million free and paid maps where you can find exactly the map you need.

Many outdoor enthusiasts and professional people around the world use Avenza Maps Plus and Pro by importing their own maps, obtained either from their professional organization or from recreational groups. They use the app to locate themselves on the map, record GPS tracks, mark the location of map features, navigate to locations, collect map data and much more. But what can you do if you don’t have your own map? Simply find one and download it from the in-app Avenza Map Store!


An Online Marketplace for Maps


 The Avenza Map Store is where you can find maps specifically for use in the app. The maps found in the Avenza Map Store are published by professional cartographers and are verified for quality and accuracy before they are listed in the Map Store. Many of the maps are designed with specific activities in mind such as hiking, skiing, or hunting and fishing. With so many maps available, you are certain to find just the one you need, for whatever activity you plan, wherever you plan it. You will need an internet or network connection to download maps from the Map Store, but once loaded on your smartphone or tablet, you can use the maps offline to locate yourself, and with any of the other Avenza Maps tools.


Search In-App or Online


 The Avenza Map Store can be easily accessed on mobile devices from within the app by tapping the Store icon in the bottom toolbar. However, you can also search and download from the Map Store on a computer, on the Avenza Maps website. Any maps that you purchase or download will be saved to your Avenza Map Store account to be downloaded onto your mobile device when needed. Begin by creating an Avenza Map Store account, either in the app or on the website. A history of map downloads and purchases will be stored there, to access from any device that is logged in with the same account.


All Kinds of Maps


Nearly 1 million maps can be overwhelming to search through, so we’ve built in several ways to refine your search to give you a manageable number of relevant results. First, maps are assigned to primary categories such as Topographic maps, Imagery, Recreational maps and more. Within each category, there are sub-categories to better indicate the nature of the map and any value-added information contained within it. These include activity-specific sub-category maps like biking, skiing, transit maps, and park maps. There are even educational and historical maps that can be used for reference and for teaching. You can further filter your search by locations, using keywords, or by limiting the maximum price. Free maps will always be visible in the search results. 


Stay Up-To-Date


Periodically, Map Store Publishers update their maps to ensure the on-going quality and accuracy of the map. When updates to a map that you have purchased or downloaded are available, you’ll get a notification in the app, and the option to replace the existing map or keep both versions so you’ll always have the latest information. Nice, right?

The Avenza Map Store offers, quite literally, a world of maps for you to use as you work or play with the Avenza Maps app. Create a Map Store account to get map updates as they become available and to keep a history of your downloads in case you change devices in the future. Find activity-specific maps for a variety of activities to help you enjoy your adventure to the fullest and best of all, use as many maps as you need to stay safe and on the map during your next adventure.

Learn more about Avenza Maps and download the app for iOS and Android devices.