Logo – The centerpiece of our brand

Download logos of Avenza products for your marketing materials. Please do not modify the logos in any way. If you require any assistance with images, please contact us.

Download the full logo package

Brand Guidlines

Black version

Printing one colour? Use our black logo.

White version

Use our white logo on darker coloured backgrounds.

Clear Space

Clear space principle applied to all versions our logo and symbol

Give the logo some space. To preserve the integrity and visual impact of the logo, always maintain adequate clear space around it.

Do not alter the structure, colour, proportions, elements or the direction of the logo.

  • Move elements
  • Remove elements
  • Add elements
  • Stretch or transform
  • Change colors
  • Rotate
  • Adding shadows
  • Change the font

Use a version of the logo that provides the most contrast against the background. A full coloured logo shouldn’t be used on colourful, dark, or image backgrounds.

Download the full logo package