Best Cycling Destinations in Europe

As we near the end of summer and soon invite autumn along the horizon, there’s no better time to start planning which cycling routes we’ll explore next season. Europe offers endless possibilities for cyclists, as many European countries are well known for their strong cycling culture and infrastructure, making cycling enjoyable and possible! Cycling is one of the primary modes of transportation for European citizens, making it often the norm for locals and tourists. Not only does cycling get you from one place to another, but it’s so much more than that. We have maps to help you navigate your favourite European spots, whether you are planning a scenic cycling adventure, a mountain biking adventure, or anything in between.

We’ve created a list of Europe's five best cycling destinations to explore! Ready to explore beyond the norm and discover new horizons? Keep reading to learn more and download cycling maps for each new destination!

Torri Del Benaco, Italy

Torri del Benaco is one of the most beautiful towns along Lake Garda. This town is worth an extended visit with a covetable lakeside setting, a historic heart, a beautiful harbour, and beaches! Torri Del Benaco has over 200 cycling routes, each easy, intermediate or expert difficulty. Some of our favourite intermediate routes are Bardino Lazise, Albisano- Monte Lenzino, and Bella Vista Loop from Pai di Sopra.

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Mount Olympus, Greece

If you’re seeking a thrilling adventure, mountain biking through Mount Olympus will provide you with the challenge you want. Mount Olympus is Greece's highest mountain, with its peak reaching  2918m.  You’ll get the chance to bike through rich forests of pine, oak, and fir trees or even escape the city and ride through the countryside. The East and North Olympus trails offer some of the best rides for both beginner and advanced riders!

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Provence, France

Provence is an incredible place to visit and go cycling! Tour de France's history, beautiful traffic-free roads, and the region’s overall cycling culture will be found. Many people gather in Provence each year to experience the legendary cycling routes for themselves! Gordes, Goult, and  Roussillion is the route you can’t miss! This round cycling route surrounds the villages of  Gorse and Roussilion. These incredible buildings are made of white stone, and the village's history dates back to the Roman Empire. We highly recommend cycling through any route in Joucas or Avignon.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known as the biking capital, but it wasn’t always this way. It’s perfectly set up for getting on your bike, with over 320 miles of dedicated cycling lanes! Biking is one of the best ways to explore Amsterdam’s beautiful old city center, narrow streets, and picturesque canals. Not only can biking be a great way of slowing down and experiencing everything there is to offer in Amsterdam, but it’s also one of the top modes of transportation used in the city.

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Valais, Switzerland

From easy scenic rides to some of Europe’s most challenging mountain biking routes, Valais is home to the best cycling routes! Valais is home to some of the most unique cycling routes that lead through vineyards, valleys, and gorges. The Valais Cycling Tour comprises of 9 stages, including 740km in distance and 25 climbs spread over all the stages. The first stage begins by cycling through Col de Champoussin, leading to the 9th and final stage, cycling through to Champery - Le Bouveret.

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Vendor: Orell Füssli Kartographie AG - Get the Map


By now, you can see why these European countries are so cycle-friendly! We hope we’ve inspired you to hit the trails and explore some of the best biking routes in Europe!


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