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Avenza Maps Pro for Forestry

How Can Avenza Maps Help You?

With increasing demands for economic yet effective solutions, technology has now become the backbone of the forestry and agricultural industries. Today, these allow agribusinesses and agencies of all sizes to more efficiently manage forests and farmland. Avenza Maps has developed a cost-effective platform that enables you to align your mapping and field data collection needs with your existing enterprise business needs

The flexibility of our mobile app allows you to import custom maps created by your team, group them as a collection for seamless browsing, and use them fully offline when away from network coverage. You can also create custom field collection schemas to take inventory of forested areas, crops, and other relevant points of interest along a route. The app allows you to export that data and upload it to your own network or a cloud storage solution.

Avenza Maps Pro lets you rely exclusively on GPS to precisely locate yourself and to collect points of data in the field.

On the farm or in the forest, productivity remains a high priority. The Avenza Maps platform provides your team with a more organized and well-managed way to use maps on the ground and have data immediately available to enable decision-making.

What We Offer

Avenza Maps app on mobile
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Work without a connection

Avenza Maps works 100% offline. Locate yourself using only GPS. Collect data in remote areas without needing to rely on a network connection.

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Import custom maps

Use your own custom maps created with your own GIS data. You can import maps in many formats including GeoPDF®, GeoTIFF and JPG.

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Locate yourself and collect data

Collect data and organize it into custom schemas when out in the field. Export and share data with your teams to provide the most up-to-date sources.

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Shapefile and area support

Add shapefiles to your map to work with points, lines, and areas. Convert your GPS Tracks into an area or create areas and export them to shapefile when you’re ready to share.

Case Study Insights

Students learning outside

Hands-On Learning at Selkirk College

“Students in the Forestry program at SEG are using Avenza Maps Pro in the field for every course. During the student’s final, month-long project, the app is integral to all their data collection, field verification of initial plans and creation of accurate map products.

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Smokey forest

United States Forest Service

“So much can change overnight when it comes to a wildfire or a hurricane. Now that we have Avenza Maps, we can update our maps throughout the day to keep everyone fully informed of the situation.”

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Sustainable forest management at Huber Resources banner

Huber Resources Corp.

“Our main objective is to practice good silviculture (the art and science of forestry)."

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Forest fire

Wildland Fire’s Air Tactical Team

“Not too long ago, it was common to carry a briefcase filled with maps as large as 3 ft. x 2ft. that marked heli spots, division breaks, and numerous other landmarks. Although valuable, paper maps were very cumbersome, and sometimes so large that the ends could touch wall to wall in a tiny cockpit. When crews started to use digital maps on their iPads, it was definitely a welcome move for many. We used to get our first look of the fire during the morning briefing when the paper maps were handed out, but now both air and ground personnel come to the briefing more prepared knowing what they’re up against.”

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Sustainable Land Management Begins with the Right Foundation

Hanna Gamble isn't your typical farmer, using her business background, she devised a management plan with the help of a forestry consultant which involved the use of new GIS technologies to map the land.

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