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Avenza Maps Partnership Program, your mapping and GIS partner.

Join the Avenza Maps Partnership Program to reinvent and elevate mapping experiences.

Join our partnership program and contribute to developing flexible and cost-effective solutions to improve efficiency and productivity while providing an excellent mapping experience. With the help of new mapping tools and reinforced mapping techniques, our collaboration can improve the mapping spectrum.

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Open the Door to Boundless Opportunities

Our dedicated team of solution engineers, in partnership with our exceptional software associates, allows us to craft specialized enterprise-level solutions tailored to your unique needs. Explore the various advantages and opportunities provided by our partner programs


Embraced by millions, Avenza partners achieve extensive visibility through engaged and collaborative marketing and networking opportunities


Cutting-edge tools designed for both commercial and recreational use, Avenza’s product lineup offers privacy and security


An indispensable support system crucial for the well-being of EMS, SAR, and wildland firefighters, Avenza products save time and lives


We partner with a multitude of industries, addressing a broad spectrum of applications and use cases


We provide a range of professional services, system integration, and customized development to address your unique application requirements


Discover firsthand how our dedicated professionals will not only meet but exceed your expectations, alleviate your concerns, and contribute to the growth of your organization

How to Contact Avenza's Partnerships Team

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What to Expect

Avenza is dedicated to understanding your business's needs. We will contact you in the next two business days. After an initial consultation, we will establish business goals and measurable objectives and provide our partner program playbook for success.

Case Study Insights

Achieve better GPS Accuracy in Avenza Maps with Trimble GPS Devices

Avenza has implemented the Trimble Precision SDK (Software Developer Kit) to integrate high-accuracy positioning capability in its Avenza Maps Pro app running on smartphones or tablets using Trimble GNSS receivers. Read more to perceive the benefits of this integration.
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Elegant Solutions for Data Sharing and Mobile Mapping at West Virginia DEP

Nick Schaer wears many hats at the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP). A few years ago, Schaer discovered Avenza Maps Pro, since then, he has used a variety of Trimble Devices to transmit more accurate GPS locations into the app. Read more about the benefits he has reaped being a Pro user.
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