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Recreational Only
For recreational use by people who love to travel or enjoy outdoor activities in remote locations.
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  • View maps, record activities and GPS tracks
  • Plot placemarks and photos
  • Get notifications when entering or leaving a specified area
  • Search and download maps from the Avenza Map Store*
  • Import up to 3 of your own maps at a time
USD per device
For enthusiasts with specialized maps for travel, camping, hiking, and other non-commercial uses.
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Includes all Free tier features and the following:

  • Additional options for creating and managing geofences
  • Import up to 20 of your own maps at a time
  • Satellite basemap layer included

Note: In-app subscriptions between iOS and Android are not transferable.

Commercial, Professional, Government, Academic
From $152.99/year
USD per device
For using the app for commercial or academic purposes, or in any professional capacity.
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Includes all Free and Plus tier features and the following:

  • Import and export shapefiles
  • Manage attribution schema and symbology
  • Unlimited geofences with additional options
  • Priority technical support by phone and email
  • Import and activate an unlimited number of your own maps

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Team Pricing
Special pricing
For organizations deploying Avenza Maps to teams of people, on 3 or more devices and device types.
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Includes all Pro tier features and the following:

  • Available for any number of devices from three to thousands
  • Custom packages to meet the needs of your organization
  • Online subscription management system to manage an unlimited number of devices
  • Remote device management to streamline adding, changing and removing licenses for users in the field

*Additional charges may apply for maps purchased in the Avenza Map Store.

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“Not too long ago, it was common to carry a briefcase filled with maps as large as 3 ft. x 2ft. that marked heli spots, division breaks, and numerous other landmarks. Although valuable, paper maps were very cumbersome, and sometimes so large that the ends could touch wall to wall in a tiny cockpit.”
“When crews started to use digital maps on their iPads, it was definitely a welcome move for many. We used to get our first look of the fire during the morning briefing when the paper maps were handed out, but now both air and ground personnel come to the briefing more prepared knowing what they’re up against.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to import my own hiking maps for personal use, what's the best subscription tier for this?

If you are looking to import more than 3 of your own custom maps for personal, recreational use only, the Plus subscription is your best option! This subscription can be purchased in-app on both iOS and Android devices, for $32.99 USD, and allows you to import up to 20 of your own custom maps. In addition, you also have access to all the features included in the free version of the app, as well as an increased number of Geofences that you can create.

I am a student, what tier should I be using, and are there discounts?

If you are a student and using the app in your studies, you should be using the Pro version of the app. This version includes features such as unlimited custom map imports, Shapefile support, the ability to convert tracks to areas, and lots of other features. We do offer significant discounts for academic use and recommend that you reach out to our Sales team ( to get hooked up with your subscription.

I work with a non-profit organization, are there discounts for subscriptions available?

If you work with a registered non-profit organization with the applicable registration numbers and documentation, we offer substantial discounts for Pro subscriptions. We recommend reaching out to our Sales team ( for details on these discounts and how to arrange Pro subscriptions for your organization.

I have a Plus subscription, and want to upgrade to Pro, is that possible?

If you have a Plus subscription and find that you would benefit more from a Pro subscription, you can definitely upgrade. Depending on which platform you are using, and when the subscription was purchased, the steps to upgrade are slightly different. For those who purchase in-app on an iOS device, you can change your subscription by going to your Apple ID > Subscriptions > Avenza Maps and changing the subscription plan from Avenza Plus to Avenza Pro. You will automatically be prorated and charged the difference by Apple, and your subscription details will be updated. If you purchased a subscription on Android, we recommend reaching out to our Support team to better assist here.

Can I use my subscription on multiple devices or share it with other people?

Subscriptions purchased in-app are purchased on a per-device basis, meaning that they can only be used actively on one device at a time. If you get a new device, you can switch your subscription over to that device easily using the steps contained in this article. If you need a subscription on more than one device at a time, you will need to purchase a subscription for each device. For Plus subscriptions, or Pro subscriptions fewer than 3 devices, this can be done in-app on each device. If you are looking to purchase a Pro subscription for 3+ devices, please see our website here.

I use the app for recreational purposes, is upgrading to Pro worth it?

If you are looking to import your own custom maps (i.e. non-map store maps), then the Plus subscription would be for you! The Plus subscription allows users to import more than 3 of their own custom maps with ease. This version also allows you to create 50 feature-specific geofences, as well as 1 layer-specific geofence. Geofences can be used to identify proximity to trails, arrival to designated features, as well as alert you to features you want to avoid.