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At Avenza, we know that this world is full of endless beautiful places to hike, and our mission is to unlock those places for you.

We strive to provide you with access to all the best hiking trails in the most convenient format. Download any of our trail maps directly to your phone using the Avenza Maps app to start your adventure hassle-free.

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Locate yourself without internet or network connections

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Plot and record information about locations

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Stay on track, on the trail, and out of restricted areas

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Download mobile maps and use them offline

We offer high-quality geospatial PDF maps covering some of the most sought-after trails in the world. Whether you are going on a waterfall hike, starting a mountain trek, or searching for the perfect swimming hole, the Avenza Map Store can get you there. 

We use offline GPS signals to keep you on the right track so that even if you have no cell phone signal, you will still be able to get around with our mobile hiking maps. 

We’ve got what you need for your mission to find the tallest waterfall, the steepest mountain, or the highest lookout point. Whether you’re looking for a high-level adventure or a family-friendly hike on a state park trail, you can do it all with Avenza.