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Avenza Maps + what3words

what3words has given every 3m square in the world a unique 3-word address, making it easier for people to communicate precise locations. With the new what3words feature you can set accurate waypoints, plot your favourite points along hiking trails or cycling routes and identify your own location, all using just three words. supply.founders.outreach, for example, is the 3-word address for the front entrance to Avenza Systems’ head office in Midtown, Toronto. The what3words location is included in every placemark dropped on a map and can be copied and shared.

For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, Avenza Maps offline functionality with the new what3words feature provides an innovative way to discover remote spots in the wilderness, find unmarked roads, or share epic, off-grid camping spots that may previously have been hard to describe, share or navigate to with precision, all without the need for a data connection.

Learn more about what3words on their website here

3 words to unlock a world of possibilities

Access many innovative features with only 3 words

what3words being used to navigate within the Avenza Maps mobile app
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Set accurate waypoints

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Plot your favourite points along hiking trails or cycling routes

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Identify your own location with easy to remember coordinates such as supply.founders.outreach

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Easily copy and share locations with others

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Explore and navigate around the world with multiple language options

Find out how you can benefit from what3words in your next adventure!

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Learn more about Avenza Maps + what3words

Avenza Maps integrates what3words to enhance the Offline Navigation Experience

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Avenza Maps integrates what3words so that users around the world can easily use precise what3words addresses to explore new destinations and navigate the globe.