Deliver your maps to their phone.

It's our mission to provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for all. Avenza Maps can put your maps in the hands of users with a single scan of a QR Code.


Free for you to sign up and get started.

Quick & Easy

For you to setup and get your codes.


On printing and reduce waste.


Scan codes to download maps.

Happy Users

With your map and our app.

A Safe and Enjoyable Outdoor Experience

Apply these codes to signage, websites, or other printed material so users can simply scan to get the map.

Easy to Get Started

In only a few simple steps you can get everything you need to deliver your maps into the hands of users. 


For a free publisher account


Your georeferenced map


Print and post your QR Code


Users simply scan and go
Is this really free? There are no costs at all?

YES! Users only pay for premium map content in the Map Store and the revenue is split between publishers and Avenza Systems. This is optional as maps can be free of charge.

Can I use the same printed QR code after updating my map?

YES! You can update your map version and additional details as often as you need without ever altering the QR code. Click here to learn more about Map Versioning.

Will users without Avenza Maps still be able to download the map?

YES! The QR code will guide them through installing the app first if they do not have it installed yet. They will then be guided to the map.

What do I do if there is no internet connection where I have posted the QR code?

The user needs a connection to scan the code. Codes can be posted on signage in visitor centers, on your website, on flyers or printed maps, or anywhere else users can access your maps before going offline.