Frequently Asked Questions

Recreational users

Can maps be printed?

No. The copyright for the maps in the Avenza Map Store belongs to the vendor of the map. We are not authorized to provide these maps to users for downloading or printing purposes. If you would like a printed version of one of the maps available in the store, you can try reaching out to the vendor to inquire about this, as many of them offer them for sale on their websites.

Can I share my map features with others?

Yes, map features can be exported and sent to others through the Layers tab or directly on the map. Map features can be exported to any cloud storage app you have on your device or AirDropped to another device for iOS devices.

Details on supported formats and how to import and export can be found here:

Importing from Custom Locations

Exporting Map Features

Can I access my maps on other devices?

Yes, as long as the maps are purchased with an Avenza Maps account, you can access them on up to 5 devices by simply logging into that account and selecting the maps to download from the Download History.

Can I use my own maps in the app?

Yes a user can use their own maps as long as the custom imported map is in a format that is supported by Avenza Maps. The map must also be a single page map as multi-page maps are not supported for importing into the app.

Details on supported formats and how to import can be found here.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied or made a mistake with your map purchase and would like to start the return process, we offer returns or exchanges for another map of equal value within 30 days of the original purchase date. For more information, please refer to our Return Policy page.

Pro users

Is there discount pricing for multiple subscriptions?

If you are needing to purchase subscriptions for three or more devices, discounted rates are available. We also offer non-profit and academic pricing rates.

How do I know if I need a Pro account?

If you will be using Avenza Maps for commercial, academic, government, or otherwise paid or volunteer professional use, you will need a Pro subscription. If you need or desire any of the following features, such as Shapefile support, unlimited geofences, custom symbology you will also need a Pro subscription. Please note that Maps from the Map store are not included, and will be subject to cost if applicable. 

What features are available for Pro users?

An Avenza Maps Pro subscription has a wealth of features. It allows the user to import and export Shapefiles, unlimited custom imports, custom symbol set creation and management, map orientation lock, unlimited geofences with map boundaries, layers, and individual features, ability to convert tracks to areas, and enhanced customer support in addition to our subscription management system. 

Are there trials available?

For users purchasing a subscription in-app, we do have trials available. On iOS devices, when users purchase a Pro subscription, the first 30 days are considered a trial.  After the 30days, users will be charged for the year subscription. For Android users, there are trials for both Plus and Pro subscriptions. These are handled the same way as iOS - select the subscription to purchase, at which point the first 30 days are the trial. You will see the subscription period for Android showing as only 30days, but at the end of this period, you will be charged for the full subscription, and the details (expiration, etc.) updated accordingly.

Map publishers

How do I create a QR code for my maps?

QR codes are automatically generated when you upload your maps to the vendor website, and you can find them in the ‘Promote your Maps’ section on the right-hand side of the page. Simply click the download button below the QR code image, and then you’re ready to easily share your map.

What are the different map states?

There are 5 states that a vendor can apply to a map. Each has its own purpose and effect on the status of a map.

1. For Sale: The map is available for sale in the Map Store.

2. Prepare: The map and/or map details page is being edited. The map will not appear in the Map Store. This state is the default for new maps and is also necessary to change many of the product listing information fields. Maps must be submitted for review before they can be added to the Map Store.

3. In Review: The map is being reviewed by our Map Review team and can be added to the Map Store once approved. Once the Map Review team approves the map, it will move to either For Sale or On Hold, however, if the map is rejected it will move back to Prepare along with the reasons for the rejection.

4. On Hold: By default, maps that are approved by the Map Review team move to For Sale. However, if you want to control the release time for your map, you can request that it move to On Hold first. When you are ready to place the map For Sale in the store, you can release it from On-Hold.

5. Archived: The map has been removed from the Map Store and only users who have previously purchased this map will be able to download it. When Archiving a map, you will be required to provide a reason why the map is being removed from the Map Store for our records.

What is the process to make maps available as a vendor?

Getting maps on the Map Store is a simple three-step process:
1. Upload your Map: Click the "Add a New Map" button. As a new vendor without any maps, this button will appear in the middle of the page. If you already have a map uploaded, the button will instead be at the top-right of your map list.
2. Edit the Map Details: After the map is uploaded, the map details page will load. This is the product listing information displayed to users in the Map Store. 
3. Submit for Review: Once the map has been successfully processed and the product details have been populated and saved, it can be submitted for review. A map can be submitted by clicking the button on the right of the map details page, or by selecting it on the Maps page and selecting "Submit for Review" from the menu at the top of the page.

Our Map Store team looks at every map submitted to Avenza Maps, including all their associated product listing information. Large volumes of submissions may occasionally extend the time frame in which our team is able to review maps, so please allow 1-2 business days for the review process to be completed. If there is an urgent rush for your map, please email If a map is being submitted with a price that you have never charged for a map before, allow another 5-10 business days as this price point must be approved beforehand by Apple. This additional waiting period is only necessary once per price point. Any subsequent maps submitted at the same price will not have to undergo Apple’s approval process.
Once you have submitted your map for review, you’re finished! Once the map has been approved it will automatically become for sale in the Map Store!