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Specialty Off-Roading Maps

Hit the road and experience nature at its best, far away from the distractions of everyday life. Leave your busy schedule behind and take us with you on your next 4x4 off-roading escapade. 

At Avenza, we offer a vast selection of offline maps specifically designed to assist you throughout all of your backroad touring needs. 

Whether you’re planning on traversing through a national park or exploring a hidden local gem, we have what you need to get started today. 

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What We Offer

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Locate yourself without internet or network connections

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Plot and record information about locations

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Import your PDF maps and use them inside the app

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Stay on track, on the trail, and out of restricted areas

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Use maps on your iPhone, Android, or tablet devices

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Choose from more than 1 million digital maps

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Download mobile maps and use them offline

When planning your next back-road trip, browse our collection of high-quality geospatial PDF maps to discover more about the area you will be exploring. Gain insight into important information like elevation levels, nearby waterways, and more. If you’re planning on staying overnight, Avenza can help you find the perfect camping spot nearby to rest and recharge.

You will be able to navigate off-road trails with ease by downloading any of our specialty mobile maps onto your phone or tablet in the Avenza Maps app.

Venture as far as you want from cell phone signals or wireless coverage, or even go completely off-the-grid. We use offline GPS signals to track your location so that you can stay smart, safe, and prepared regardless of how remote your adventure takes you. 

Enhance your backroad experience with useful 4x4 road maps and other topographic maps, all available for download in the Avenza Map store. 

Explore our extensive selection today to start planning your next great adventure!