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Avenza Maps Pro for Conservation & Recreation

How Can Avenza Maps Help You?

Integrating technology into conservation efforts has made it easier for researchers to monitor threatened species and biodiversity. The challenge is to understand and utilize the collected data to better monitor the environment and make more informed decisions. The Avenza Maps platform allows conservation teams to record data, take notes, and include photos on offline maps in a simple task. The cost-effective solution enables you to align your mapping and field data collection needs with your existing enterprise organizational needs.

The flexibility of our mobile app allows you to import custom maps created by your team, group them as a collection for seamless browsing, and use them fully offline when away from network coverage. You can also create custom field collection schemas to take inventory of conservation areas, parks, and other relevant points of interest and upload it to your own network or a cloud storage solution.

Avenza Maps Pro lets you rely exclusively on GPS to precisely locate yourself and to collect points of data in the field.

Whether in a remote jungle or an urban green space, accurate data collection and ease of use are always the highest priorities. The Avenza Maps platform provides your team with a more organized and managed way to use maps on the ground and have data immediately available for improved environmental monitoring.

What We Offer

Avenza Maps App on mobile
map pin icon

Map pin icon

Avenza Maps works 100% offline. Locate yourself using only GPS. Collect data in remote areas without needing to rely on a network connection.

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Import custom maps

Use your own custom maps created with your own GIS data. You can import maps in many formats including GeoPDF®, GeoTIFF and JPG.

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Locate yourself and collect data

Collect data and organize it into custom schemas when out in the field. Export and share data with your teams to provide the most up-to-date sources.

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Shapefile and area support

Add shapefiles to your map to work with points, lines, and areas. Convert your GPS Tracks into an area or create areas and export them to shapefile when you’re ready to share.

Case Study Insights

Tasmanian Devil

Conserving Tasmania's Disappearing Species

“Globally, there are well over 41,000 species listed as endangered. The Tasmanian devil and the Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle -- both of which are not found anywhere else in the world outside of zoos -- share the unfortunate designation of ‘endangered’ as well. Located on the island of Tasmania, which is the southern-most state of Australia, both species share a unique biodiversity that supports a mix of habitats for endangered plants such as the Grassland Paper-daisy, endemic species like the Ptunarra brown butterfly, and other rare and endangered marsupials and birds distinct to Tasmania. With declining numbers of certain flora and fauna, groups such as the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) are working to ensure a sustainable future for a threatened and unique ecosystem.”

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Guyra Paraguay Team

Guyra Paraguay Creates ‘Virtual Walks’ with Avenza Maps

Guyra Paraguay’s mission is to promote and coordinate actions for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, with an emphasis on bird conservation. Their biggest challenge was to find an application for both Android and iOS, with a friendly interface, that would not require an internet connection to be used in remote areas like in our conservation unit. On top of this, taking into account the limited resources available to generate interactive maps. We got a chance to interview Tatiana Galluppi Selich, an Environmental Engineer at Guyra Paraguay, to talk about using Avenza Maps in conservation.

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Volunteers use Avenza Maps to Maintain Cultural Tracks and Monitor Waterways in Tasmania

The Macquarie Harbour Wildcare group works in partnership with the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS), Forestry Tasmania, and landowners to help maintain the cultural and heritage tracks and infrastructure within Macquarie Harbour its waterways.

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