Avenza Maps. Tracking your next adventure. 1,000,000+ offline maps

Take the app hiking, offroading, or anywhere you need a map outdoors. GPS location keeps you safe and on the trail.

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Find and discover maps in the Avenza Map Store

Discover maps of your favourite parks and trails in the Avenza Map Store. With the world’s largest digital catalogue of maps created by professional map publishers from around the world, you can find a map for any outdoor adventure. Download maps for hiking, biking, offroading, skiing, fishing, and much more!

Locate yourself on any map, even while offline

The Avenza Maps® app uses your device's built-in GPS to display your exact location on any georeferenced map, even when you’re out of network range or without an internet connection. The blue dot follows you wherever you go, keeping you on the trail while staying safe.

Useful and interactive map tools

Planning a hiking trip or heading on an off-trail adventure? Avenza Maps mapping tools are handy for marking places of interest, attaching photos, and adding information to locations. Measure distances, plot routes, and record your tracks to document where you've travelled during your journey.

Determine and share your exact coordinates

Stay location-aware by knowing your exact coordinates at any time. Accurately locate yourself and other points of interest on detailed maps, and easily share that information with family or friends in case of emergency. Search for specific coordinates on any map and switch between coordinate formats.

Cell phone displaying a map of Banff National Park within the Avenza Maps App

Stay on track with more Avenza Maps features

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Stay in or out of map areas

Create a geofence around a specific location, track, or area and get notified when you approach or move away from it. Use this feature to ensure that you stay on the trail or stay out of dangerous areas.
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Mark places of interest with a pin

Drop a placemark on the map at locations you've visited or want to visit. Mark the location of objects, hazards, or anything else that you want to remember. Edit the colour of your placemarks and label them for easy reading.
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Search for places

Conveniently search for points of interest on any map. "Places" are locations based on search engine results. Save these locations as placemarks that can be visible or hidden as needed.
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Discover details of your trip

View the details of a recorded GPS track, including distance traveled, total time, average speed, and elevation changes.
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Add geotagged photos on a map

Captured a photo of something interesting and want to plot it on your map? Just add the geotagged photo, and a placemark will drop in the correct location on your map.
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Measure distance between points

Want to know the distance to that next peak? Use the Measure Distance tool to draw your route and calculate how far you need to travel.
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Organize features with layers

Map features such as placemarks and GPS tracks are recorded on separate layers for easy viewing. Toggle layer visibility as necessary to see what you need without cluttering the map. Import or export map features as KML or GPX, and share them with other users.
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Reach new destinations with what3words

what3words has given every 3m² in the world a unique 3-word address, making it easier to communicate precise locations. Use what3words within Avenza Maps to set accurate waypoints, plot points along your route, and identify your location — using just three words.
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Organize maps with folders and collections

Use folders, found on the My Maps screen in the app, to group similar maps together for easy access and viewing. Create collections of adjacent or overlapping maps to view your location at different scales and reference points.
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Avenza Maps Pro features

cell phone displaying a map of Banff National Park within the Avenza Maps App

Import unlimited maps

Download your maps over a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Avenza Maps Pro allows unlimited imports of personalized geospatial PDF, GeoTIFF, GeoPDF®, and JPG (with appropriate reference files).

Shapefile and area support

Add shapefiles directly to your map to work with points, lines, and areas. Easily convert your collected GPS Tracks into an area. Use the Draw and Measure tool to create areas and export to shapefile when ready to share.

Collecting data on maps

Easily record attributes at any placemark or track. Add custom fields, insert field values, modify location, change color, and add notes and geotagged photos. Import and manage custom symbol sets to use with your maps and set default symbols to be used on layers while collecting data.

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