6 Iconic Star Wars Filming Locations

Credit: Emmanuel Denier - Unsplash

Not too long ago, in this very galaxy, Star Wars fans around the world found a great way to celebrate Star Wars Day, or May the 4th be with You. Whether you prefer Star Wars or are an all around sci-fan fan, the influence of George Luca’s Star Wars has been incredible on pop culture. Over 40 years since the first film's release, we’ve been introduced to a long line of beloved characters without which we now can’t imagine our world. What first began as just one movie in 1977, “A New Hope,” quickly turned into a trilogy, eventually leading to an entire universe with new movies and tv shows coming out for every generation and age! It’s so hard to choose a favourite since each movie just keeps getting better and better. 

May The 4th Be With You

In the spirit of May the 4th Be With You Day, we created a map of the six most iconic Star Wars filming locations worldwide! Could you have guessed that “A New Hope” was filmed in Tikal Guatamela? Or that “Revenge of the Sixth” was filmed in Grindelwald, Switzerland? Check out these iconic locations below!

Death Valley National Park, California, USA

The desert planet of Tatooine in A New Hope took place in the famous Death Valley National Park! The scenes of Tatooine were filmed in multiple locations; however, the most memorable scenes occurred in Death Valley.

Tika National Park, Guatemala

A New Hope was also partially filmed in Tika National Park! We can see that before the attack on the Death Star when the Millenium Falcon flies into a Rebel Base on Yavin 4.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

One of the most significant places tied to the Force is the moon of Jedha. The Force has been an essential part of Star Wars since the beginning, and the deserts of Wadi Rum in Jordan are a perfect fit for this desert moon. You practically feel like you’re on another planet when you’re there!

Ajim, Tunisia

When you visit the small coastal town of Ajim on Dejerba Island in Tunisia, you will likely recognize the buildings used to portray the spaceport and a local mosque used to show Obi-Wan’s home as well!

Grindelwald, Switzerland

The snowy alpine backdrop you recognize in Revenge of the Sith belongs to Grindelwald, Switzerland. We see the planet of Alderaan when Bail Organa brings baby Princess Leia to his homeworld in this location!

Rub’ al Khali Desert, Abu Dhabi

While many of us are familiar with Tatooine, in The Force Awakens, we’re introduced to a new desert plane, Jakku. This is Ray’s home, where she soon meets her companions B-B8 and Finn.

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