Avenza Maps 5.1: Enhanced Features and Upgrades

To make our users' experience better, we are announcing the release of Avenza Maps 5.1. This update brings a few new features and important improvements for everyone to enjoy. Learn more about the latest features and upgrades to enhance your experience with Avenza Maps.

What’s new in Avenza Maps

Here is a summary of the new features:

  • Metadata overlay for photos
  • Maps and data can be downloaded and processed in the background
  • Ability to enter custom elevation values.
  • More contextual actions in the Map List
  • Improved messaging and functionality when adding features to layers
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements.

Photo Metadata Overlay

  • Photos added to Placemarks can now display metadata
  • Can be exported with your data
  • Basic and Advanced layouts

Background Downloading & Processing

  • The import process is now unified, meaning all maps and data can be imported entirely in the background
  • Previously, the processing step had to be done in the foreground

Elevation Improvements

  • Elevation values on Placemarks can now be manually edited
  • Can now batch Fetch for all placemarks on a map from the My Maps list

Download Avenza Maps 5.1

Avenza Maps 5.1 is here to make your adventures more fun, safe and reliable. Explore Avenza Maps and tell us about your experiences using the app and how the new features have improved your outdoor experiences.

Download Avenza Maps, the #1 app for hiking, biking and all trails and enjoy an organized and hassle-free adventure.