Avenza Maps 5.2: Discover Upgraded Features and Refreshed Basemaps

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience, we are excited to announce the launch of Avenza Maps 5.2. This update introduces a refreshed basemap and incorporates a range of enhanced features to elevate your mapping experience. Discover the latest advancements and upgrades that will amplify your interaction with Avenza Maps.

What’s new in Avenza Maps

Here is a summary of the new features:

  • Updated and improved basemap styling
  • Support of raster data in geopackages
  • Ability to download selected maps from map store bundles
  • Cross map navigation
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements

Improved styling

  • 12 000+ lines of code for the next version
  • New trails 
  • New icons 
  • More accurate topography 
  • New roads
  • New landmarks
  • Improved color palette 
  • Increased focus on accessibility

Support of raster maps in GPKG

  • Custom maps can now be imported and exported in geopackage format
  • Raster and vector can be packaged together for export
  • GeoPackage file format requires a Pro license

Map selection from bundles

  • You can now select which maps from a bundle to download instead of downloading the entire bundle
  • This can save space and ensure you only download the maps you want

Cross-map navigation & tracking

  • UI updated to clearly show which map you are navigating and tracking on
  • Can more easily transition to the map where navigation and tracking were initiated

Download Avenza Maps 5.2

Embark on enhanced adventures with Avenza Maps 5.2, where fun, safety, and reliability converge. We invite you to delve into the app, sharing your firsthand experiences and insights on how the latest features have elevated your outdoor escapades. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to refine and optimize Avenza Maps for an even more enriching exploration ahead. Happy mapping!

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