Avenza Maps 5.0: Exciting New Release of New & Improved Features

As part of our continued efforts to improve the experience of all our users, we are pleased to announce the release of Avenza Maps 5.0! This is one of the largest releases with exciting new features and updates. We have worked hard to make this update beneficial to all of our users, and we are eager for you to test, experience and enjoy the new and improved Avenza Maps App.

What’s new in Avenza Maps

Here is a summary of the new features:

  • Multi-page PDF support.
  • GeoPackage import.
  • Notification center for in-app alerts.
  • Contextual action menus for layers and features.
  • Showing distance to placemarks in navigation mode.
  • Ability to manually fetch placemark elevation values.
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements.

Multi-page PDF

  • Users can import multi-page PDFs
  • New UI allows users to pick which pages they want including unreferenced pages
  • Users can add the directly to a collection, folder or as individual maps


  • Import multiple maps at once as a GPKG
  • Layers can be imported/exported as GPKG
  • Pro only feature

Notification Center

  • Common point to view and interact with in-app activities
  • View notifications such as map alerts and required actions for a map
  • Works synchronously with Multipage PDF

Layers UI Update

  • Ellipses icon added to Layer and Map Layers
  • Feature related tools are now more easily accessible
  • Menus are contextual depending on feature type, screen, etc.

Distance to Next Placemark

  • Based on a popular feature request from our users
  • Accessible through Navigate to a destination submenu
  • See distance estimates to all placemarks on your map

Elevation Service Improvements

  • Part of ongoing feature updates
  • Manually re-fetch values for placemarks that have elevation
  • Accessible through editing feature details

View All Feature Callouts

  • Based on another popular feature request from our users
  • All feature callouts can now be viewed at once
  • Accessible through the new Layers UI

Download Avenza Maps 5.0

Avenza Maps 5.0 is here to make your adventures more fun, safe and reliable. Explore Avenza Maps and tell us about your experiences using the app and how the new features have improved your outdoor experiences.

Download Avenza Maps, the #1 app for hiking, biking and all trails and enjoy an organized and hassle-free adventure.