The Avenza User Conference 2024

The anticipation leading up to the Avenza User Conference 2024 culminated in a day filled with inspiration, networking, and insightful presentations on May 9, 2024. This virtual gathering brought together GIS enthusiasts, cartographic professionals, and mapping specialists from across the globe to delve into the latest innovations and updates from Avenza.

The conference kicked off with an array of speakers who shared their expertise and experiences, igniting a spark of creativity and exploration within the virtual audience. Attendees had the unique opportunity to discover cutting-edge developments in Avenza's suite of GIS, cartographic, and mapping solutions directly from the company's expert team.

Throughout the event, attendees were treated to demonstrations of new features and enhancements in Avenza's products, such as Avenza Maps, MAPublisher, Geographic Imager, and the Avenza Maps digital map store. From advanced mapping techniques to innovative workflows, participants gained valuable insights they could immediately apply to their projects.

One of the conference's highlights was the sense of community and collaboration that permeated each session. Attendees had the chance to connect with peers from diverse backgrounds, sharing ideas, strategies, and best practices in the field of mapping and geographic information systems. If you missed the Avenza User Conference 2024, you can watch all the presentations on our YouTube channel.

Speaker Registration for AvenzaUC

The Avenza User Conference continues to be a premier platform for learning, collaboration, and exploration in the realm of mapping and cartography. We look forward to building on the momentum of this year's conference and eagerly anticipate the next gathering of the Avenza community. If you use any of the Avenza Products and are interested in being a presenter at AvenzaUC 2025, you can apply to be a speaker/presenter at Avenza UC 2025 now.

About the Avenza User Conference

The Avenza User Conference is a free virtual conference for map makers, GIS enthusiasts, and geospatial professionals worldwide who share a common interest in Avenza mapping technology. The conference will include a combination of virtual sessions led by experts who will share their experiences with Avenza mapping products.

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