Celebrating Saint Patty’s Day!

Bring out everything green! Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year on March 17th as a global celebration of Irish culture. It’s a day packed with parades, good luck charms and all things green! Did you know? Saint Patty’s Day began as a religious holiday to commemorate Saint Patrick as he spread Christianity to Ireland, but over time, it has also become a celebration of Irish culture.

Leprechauns are one reason you’re supposed to wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day - so you don’t get pinched! This tradition is tied to folklore, which says that you won’t be invisible to them if you don't wear green. You’ll also see many Irish Americans eating cabbage and corned beef today! Many people dress in green for other reasons, like good luck, and watch traditional Irish dancers and musicians as they wander the streets. Don't forget: This is the day you can search for the ultimate treasure: A four-leaved clover! The question is, will you be lucky enough to?

We’ve created this map to highlight the historical provinces and their counties in Ireland! Check them out down below:

How will you be celebrating Saint Patrick's Day this year?