Celebrating St Patrick’s With Avenza Maps

Bring out everything green! Saint Patrick’s Day, celebrated each year on March 17th, is a global celebration of Irish culture. All around the world, you will find packed parades, good luck charms, special foods, parties and green all around! This is also the day you can search for the ultimate treasure: a four leaf clover! Since four-leave clovers are rare, if you find one, it’s a symbol of faith, hope, love and good luck. What are you waiting for? Let your search for luck begin today!


Top 4 Places to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day This Year

Dublin, Ireland

Did you know that celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Ireland is a five-day event? You read that right! If there’s one holiday you need to visit Dublin for, it’s Saint Patty’s day! Over the course of the five days, you’ll get the chance to soak up the joyous atmosphere of music, walking tours, food fairs, art exhibitions, and all things green. Explore the Ireland Village and sample the best of Ireland’s food, drinks, and crafts! Not only this, but you can relax at the Breathe Festival, where you’ll find yoga and meditation classes to unwind for a little while.

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Auckland, New Zealand

A celebration for Saint Patrick’s Day in Auckland isn’t just any celebration! One of the primary reasons behind Auckland’s incredible St Patrick’s day celebration is to celebrate Irish connections! This day honours the celebration of the connections that Ireland has made with New Zealand. Now, this festival continues to attract thousands! Starting midday, this festival and parade showcase colourful floats, dance performers, live music, marching bands, and the best food in the city! The city of Auckland will also light up the streets and Sky Tower green to commemorate Saint Patty’s day.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

When you realize there are over 500,000 Irish people in Argentina, it will be no surprise that Buenos Aires holds the largest Saint Patrick’s Day (or El Dia de San Patricio) parade in  South America! Join in the parade in the city center featuring music, dancing (including Celtic Argentina, and locals enjoying themselves at the Breoghans Brew Pub. Take this opportunity to explore the city, dress in green, meet new friends, and celebrate life as you listen to Irish-flavoured Rock and folk groups.

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San Francisco, California

Every year, the Irish Societies of San Francisco roll out the green carpet and host a large St Patrick’s Day celebration for everyone to join in! Typically, the festivals will take place the weekend before and the weekend after Saint Patty’s Day. There are endless opportunities to take part in the fun, whether you decide to explore the parade, listen to live music performances or visit one of many Irish pubs. The city is well known for its countless restaurants with the best Irish dishes, Irish pubs and more.

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