How to Add a Placemark in Avenza Maps

Adding a Placemark in Avenza Maps 


Have you ever visited a place and just thought, I need to mark this place down right now before I forget? Perhaps you explored a new hiking trail that you can’t wait to visit again, or you set up camp in a remote spot you’ve never heard of.  With Avenza Maps, you can simply add a placemark on any map to remember your location for next time! At its basic, a placemark marks a position on any map.

To add a placemark, find a place on the map you would like to make a placemark, and tap the feature. You will be shown the details on the screen before the placemark is created. When creating a placemark, you will be able to specify the name of the placemark, and the symbol, attach pictures and set any attributes. Once you’ve included all your information, simply click submit in the upper right-hand corner, and your placemark will be created!

Placemark Details

Do you work in emergency response services? Whether you and your team are working to fight wildfires or other natural disasters, it’s a priority to ensure everyone is fully aware of the current status of the situation at hand. As situations can change quickly and suddenly, adding placemarks to your maps will help ensure everyone is informed on where they need to be.

If you are looking for placemark details, tap the placemark label to see details about the placemark. You can change the placemark any time by editing the placemark icon, the location coordinates, or the photos you choose to add.

Moving a Placemark

Add a placemark to the wrong area of the map. You can simply move your placemark by tapping and holding it and releasing it once you’ve found the spot you’d like to mark! Deleting a placemark is just as easy!

For Android Users, tap in the top right corner and select delete from the menu. 

For IOS Users, placemarks can be deleted by tapping the trash icon.

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Now that you understand why the add a placemark feature is so valuable, download the Avenza Maps app today, available on IOS or Android!

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