How to Plot Photos on a Map

Plotting Geotagged Photos

With the advent of digital photography and cell phones came geotagged photos. Simply put, the location information from where the photo was taken is captured in the file of the photo itself. It’s unlikely most people ever check this info in the details of their photos; with so many people snapping selfies every time they go to the park it’s not often a concern. 

View Geotagged Photos on a Map

When viewing a map any attached photos will display as placemarks. A number at the corner of the photo on the placemark label indicates how many photos are attached. The first photo attached is the one displayed on the placemark label.

Avenza Maps uses the location tags from your photos to automatically plot them accurately on any map. Don’t have location services turned on? No worries! Any photo, with or without geo-location information, can be added to an existing placemark.

Add Photos to a Map in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Have a valid map open that covers the area required
  2. Tap the tools icon in the bottom right, then tap Plot Photos
  3. If necessary, choose an app to complete the action (e.g. tap Gallery)
  4. On the Photo Browser, select photos, and tap Import
  5. Placemark will be added at the location based on the geotagged photo

BONUS: You can attach multiple photos to a placemark!

Travel Photo Memory Map

Has your phone ever shown you a photo of a location you’ve been to before when you go back there again? It’s using the photo's location information to be able to do that! Sometimes people turn their location tracking off on their phones or cameras and that way only you remember where the shot was taken.

Either way, you can use the Plot Photos tools in the Avenza Maps app to curate your very own, and completely private, photo map. Now that you know how to use the tool, check out this great video from our 2021 Avenza User Conference. Marikka Williams takes Travel Maps to the next level with her Memory Map of Australia!

Mapping Memories of Australia: Maximizing the MAPublisher Toolkit - Marikka Williams, Avenza UC 2021

Download Avenza Maps the Best App for Plotting Photos on Maps

Now that you understand how and why using our app for plotting photos is so valuable, download Avenza Maps, the best map app for iPhone and Android!