How to Run a Scavenger Hunt Using Avenza Maps

We love encouraging you to get outside and enjoy nature! One of the best ways to do that this summer is by planning an outdoor activity like a scavenger hunt. It’s fun for adults and kids and can be done anytime! When going somewhere new, what better way to get to know the city or urban park you’re exploring than by introducing an outdoor scavenger hunt? You never know where it may lead - often to some spectacular views or hidden treasure you wouldn’t have guessed to find. When you plan your next scavenger hunt, use the Avenza Maps App as your guide to navigating unfamiliar areas and locating points of interest - such as top locations you’ve wanted to visit! 

We’ve decided to create a scavenger hunt to track down the top landmarks to see in Central Park. This must-visit urban park is a beautiful, sprawling natural space in the heart of New York City. Keep reading to learn more about each of these landmarks!

Alice in Wonderland Statue

Located just North of the Conservatory Water at 74 East Street, a bronze statue of Alice in Wonderland stands 11 feet tall, surrounded by the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and a few others. Did you know? The design for the bronze statue was based on the original illustrations of John Tiennel that were used in the first published edition of the book.

Belvedere Castle

One of Central Park's most iconic features is this beautiful castle above Vista Rock, the second-highest natural point. The entire complex was designed to enjoy scenic views of the surrounding landscape, as the building originally had no windows and doors—it was intended as an open-air tower.

Imagine Mosaic

Strawberry Fields memorializes the British Rock musician and peace activist John Lennon. It is named after the song he wrote and performed with the Beatles, “ Strawberry Fields Forever.” This 2.5-acre area memorializes John Lennon and is one of Central Park's most highly visited attractions!

Bethesda Fountain

Located right in the heart of Central Park is one of the most gorgeous focal points of Bethesda Terrace, Bethesda Fountain. The atmosphere at Bethesda Terrace is brimming with life and unlike any other. This beloved icon of New York City, known as the “ Angel of Waters,” is a bronze angel with flowing robes and raised wings - representing a symbol of love, rebirth and healing to many visitors who come to bask in her awning presence.

Christopher Colombus

The city’s most well-known statue of Christoper Colombus ( 1451-1506) is located at Central Park's centre of Colombus Circle. This statue depicts the explorer standing with his arms stretched out wide, looking to the heavens in gratitude for his successful voyage.

We recently celebrated National Scavenger Hunt Day, which happened on May 24th. However, we encourage you to plan a scavenger hunt anytime this summer. This day marks the annual celebration of hunting for a list of items—and checking them off your bucket list! Who doesn’t love a good, challenging scavenger hunt? Test your navigational skills and include Avenza Maps in your next challenge! While planning your next scavenger hunt, keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Find a free map for your scavenger hunt area in the Avenza Map Store ( i.e. Central Park)
  • Create a list of objects or places you want to find in this designated area.
  • Use the plot photos feature to add a photo to your placemark on the map
  • Encourage your family and friends to take photos along the way and share their experience on social #AvenzaMaps!

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