James Vooght's Expedition Through Lenses, Trails, and Avenza Maps

Meet James Vooght, a passionate photographer from the picturesque Hudson Valley Region in New York. James's journey into the world of photography began in his formative years, guided by his father and an old Canon SLR camera. Together, they ventured into the captivating realm of developing photos in a darkroom in the attic. It was this early exposure and his father's patient teaching that ignited James's curiosity and kindled a profound passion for the art of photography.

Fast forward to 2012, armed with a Rebel T3i, James delved headlong into exploring and honing his photography skills. As a seasoned outdoorsman, he embarked on numerous adventures—road trips, hikes, and vacations—capturing the beauty of nature through his lens. The fusion of his love for the outdoors and photography became a driving force, propelling him to rely on various mapping products to enhance his explorations.

Around a decade ago, James discovered a game-changer when the New York New Jersey Trail Conference announced the digitization of their maps using Avenza Maps. Without hesitation, he became an early adopter and, to this day, remains a loyal user of this innovative mapping solution. Join us as we delve into James Vooght's captivating journey, exploring the intersection of his love for the outdoors and his unwavering commitment to the artistry of photography.

Essential Companions in Outdoor Photography Adventures

In our conversation with James, we explored how Avenza Maps contributes to outdoor adventures. Tucked away in a dedicated folder on James's phone is the Avenza Maps app, a transformative tool that has reshaped his approach to photography planning. With his strong commitment to exploring local photography opportunities, it's evident that approximately 90% of his planning revolves around leveraging this indispensable resource. Having been accustomed to navigating hikes through traditional means with a paper map and compass since childhood, James continues to carry both as backups, just in case they are needed.

At the forefront of James’ planning process lies a simple yet crucial question: "Where am I going? And how am I getting there?" Once he has pinpointed his destination, he seamlessly drops a pin and captures the coordinates, ready to be integrated into his suite of photography planning apps. James says, “With the advent of digital maps for local parks has vastly expanded the scope of my explorations, and with the convenience of being able to mark locations, measure trail lengths and distances, and track my own position on the map, Avenza Maps has become an indispensable ally in my adventures.”

James highlighted that the Avenza Maps App's most treasured aspect is its capability to animate his potential hikes. With mere taps, he delves into numerous trails and landscapes, utilizing the map on his phone or tablet to portray the journey's charm vividly. This feature proves priceless when he tries to convince his friends to accompany him on impromptu adventures, as he effortlessly exhibits the thrill and beauty that await them.

Charting New Horizons with the Avenza Maps App

We also inquired with James about his preferred outdoor destinations and upcoming adventures where he'll utilize the Avenza Maps App. Locally, he holds Harriman State Park in high regard, with the Catskill Park following closely behind. Additionally, one of his recent favourite spots has been the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Looking ahead, James has two exciting trips in the works. The first will take him to Death Valley National Park, with maps already purchased to begin ironing out details. Following that, he's eagerly planning a trip to the Grand Teton National Park, a bucket list location that fills him with anticipation as he begins piecing together the adventure.

We're excited to see how James has leveraged the Avenza Maps App for his exciting adventures. We eagerly anticipate witnessing more of his journey unfold. Follow along with his explorations and learn more about his adventures on his website. With spring on the horizon, it's the perfect time to start planning our next outdoor escapades. Be sure to check out our blog on How to Import Map Features before embarking on your next adventure.

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We are sure that, like James, you would also like to turn your passion into a career. Keep venturing into the great outdoors and utilize our app on your next adventure. If you have a story to share about your experiences with Avenza Maps, we'd love to hear it!

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