Publishing a Digital Recreational Map for the Avenza Maps App

Avenza User Conference 2023

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Bridger DeVille is the Sales and Marketing Director for Benchmark Maps, a publisher of recreation atlases and maps of the American West with offices in Santa Barbara, California and Medford, Oregon. Bridger has worked at Benchmark for 13 years, leading their efforts in sales, distribution, e-commerce, marketing, and business development from his remote location in Denver, Colorado. As an active member for many years, Bridger is president of the International Map Industry Association (IMIA).

Guide to Publishing Digital Maps

In this presentation, Bridger explains the process of publishing a digital recreational map through the Avenza Maps App to create a seamless digital map suitable for offline use. Using Avenza's vendor site, account managers can upload a GeoTIFF or GeoPDF file. Following the upload, Avenza's automated system assesses the file's attributes and georeferencing to ensure compliance and subsequently sends a confirmation email to the account manager. Once all requirements are met, the map is published on the Avenza Maps App, allowing users to download and utilize it.

Watch the full video on how to Publish a Digital Recreational Map for the Avenza Maps App that Bridger DeVille presented at #AvenzaUC2023 to help you easily publish a recreational map.

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