Take control of your data with Avenza Maps

Whether you’re looking for the best way to stay on top of your outdoor trip, or you want a reliable tool out in the field, look no further! Avenza Maps is a great app for collecting data no matter where you are.

With the instant ability to mark places of interest, attach photographs and even add additional information to places marked on the map, you get the opportunity to be in total control of your data. You can also import and manage symbol sets when dropping a placemark at a location and select a symbol based on your activity or preference.

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By using Avenza Maps Pro, you get the added ability to export map features from the app and implement them within a GIS application. In Italy, Remo Nardini at 4LAND uses Avenza Maps to collect data while on trails, and ground truth trails, placemarks, roads, and points-of-interest. This data collection performed out on actual Italian trails helps them create accurate trails for their maps.

At a more advanced level, you can also take advantage of Avenza Maps Pro to easily record your route with GPS tracking so you know where you've been, and see how steep and high certain portions of your journey are. Equipped with Avenza Maps Pro on their mobile devices, foresters at Huber Resources are easily able to gather data for statistical analysis of their tree inventory.

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Much like foresters, Avenza Maps Pro can be a valuable tool for professionals in many fields. You can leverage the app to measure accurate distances to plan for roads and equipment, and can also identify problem areas such as cliffs or other obstacles. Since Avenza Maps Pro locates the user on the map, the risk of accidentally straying outside planned areas or property boundaries gets drastically reduced.

Avenza Maps mapping tools are handy for planning a trip as well as seamlessly documenting what you saw while you were there. It has been designed to meet the needs of professionals in forestry, geology, surveying, and other GIS focused industries, which also makes it a great solution for outdoor explorers who want to collect and plot data from their personal adventures.

We hope this article empowers you to take control of your data whether it's out on an adventure or during fieldwork. Do more with Avenza Maps Pro.