The Best Ski Resorts in Canada Worth a Visit


As we’re well into the depths of winter, it’s the perfect time of year to get your winter gear for your next outdoor adventure! Even though winter started a few months ago, it wasn’t until now that you could really start to hit the slopes and enjoy winter for all that it has to offer!

If you thought skiing started and ended with the Alps, you need to know the best ski trails in Canada. The ski resorts are countless, from the Canadian Rockies to British Columbia’s Coast Mountains. You can be sure to find the best white, powdery trails to enjoy Canada’s beautiful alpine landscapes. Whether you’re skiing down a snow-capped mountain or gliding through a lush forest, you’ll be able to find the perfect destination for you.

To make things even easier, we did the hard work and compiled a list of the top ski resorts maps in the Avenza Maps app to visit in Canada this winter! Continue reading if you’re planning to hit the slopes in British Columbia, Alberta, or Quebec.

Lake Louise Ski Resort- Banff, Alberta

Lake Louise is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and less than a two-hour drive from Banff. Lake Louise Resort is known for its beautiful scenery and versatile terrain, with over 4,200 acres spread across four mountains. Not to mention, this resort is one of the largest in North America! Whether you’re new to the slopes or are an advanced skier, you can expect to find a mix of gentle slopes and difficult mountains to explore.

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Mont Tremblant Ski Resort- Mont Tremblant, Quebec

If you’re an avid skier, Mont Tremblant must be at the top of your list. Sitting at 875 meters, this ski area includes 102 ski trails on four distinct slopes! This fabulous resort offers a one-of-a-kind experience both on the mountain and within the pedestrian village. 

Mont Tremblant receives a heavy dumping of snow every year, so you won’t need to worry, as these trails will be covered by white, powdery snow for skiing and snowboarding adventures. In the village, you can also find amenities, restaurants, and boutiques to explore when you want to take a break and get warm!

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Whistler Blackcomb Resort- Whistler,British Columbia

Within British Columbia’s glacial climate and scenic beauty lie Whistler Blackcomb mountains. Whistler Blackcomb ski resort connects Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain with an impressive 8,171 acres of terrain and over 200 marked trails to explore! While Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort is well-known for its skiing & snowboarding, the resort also offers an abundance of off-slope activities like restaurants and bars.

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Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort- Banff, Alberta

Nestled within the majestic peaks of Banff National Park, Sunshine Village is truly heavenly on a sunny day. The top of the mountain gives skiers a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains, which shouldn’t be missed. You will find many advanced skiers come to challenge themselves and test out their skills at Sunshine Village; however, beginners can get started on Goat’s Eye Mountain.

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Revelstoke Mountain Resort- Revelstoke, British Columbia

Another well-known ski resort in British Columbia is Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Unlike many other ski resorts, this resort is unique as it attracts die-hard skiers and snowboarders looking for a great challenge! Revelstoke Mountain Resort has a long-standing reputation for providing outstanding terrain, heaping amounts of snow, and tree skiing! If you’re an advanced skier looking for a new challenge, Revelstoke Mountain Resort is the place to visit.

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