Top 5 Magical Sleigh Rides Around the World

Who doesn’t love the idea of taking a sleigh ride? Winter is one of the most magical times for a sleigh ride, especially as we get immersed in the Christmas spirit and find fun activities in the snow! From jingle bells to Christmas carols and many Christmas markets to visit, there is nothing short to celebrate this festive season. 

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s finally time to decorate the home with lights, hang those stockings, and bake some delicious homemade treats for the family! There’s no better way to get out and follow Santa’s footsteps than by taking an enchanting winter sleigh ride with loved ones. Don’t forget to bring a hot chocolate and a camera to capture the moment!

Check out where you can experience the best winter sleigh rides this holiday!

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Discover the winter wonderland in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and bring the whole family out for an enchanting winter sleigh ride! From November through March, Tahoe Sleigh Ride offers winter sleigh rides from the beautiful Sand Harbour to Lake Tahoe. Embrace all winter has to offer on this incredible winter sleigh ride as you surround yourself with spectacular views of the lush winter forest, lake, and mountain backdrop. Don’t worry; after your sleigh ride, you can head to Grandma’s Cottage for warm treats and hot chocolate!

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Whistler, British Columbia

Taking a magical sleigh ride through Whistler Blackcomb is the most unforgettable experience! Imagine snow gentling falling around you as you take an enchanting sleigh ride through the snow-capped forest, with nothing but jingle bells and a sleigh around you. Experience Blackcomb Mountain and soak in the beautiful views of the mountains around you, and the Whistler Village lights below.

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Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is a beautiful Eastern Austria city bordering Germany and the Australian Alps! It’s the ideal winter getaway and one of the most popular cities to travel to in the Winter. With chilly temperatures for the whole month of December and forward, you won’t miss out on a true winter wonderland here! Experience an 8-hour tour of this incredible city and glide through a fairytale winter landscape in a horse-drawn carriage. Warm up after your ride by getting a cup of Glühwein, a bowl of hot pumpkin soup and some traditional stollen for dessert.

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Dolomites, Italy

You can’t visit the Dolomites without taking a winter sleigh ride! Experience the best of winter through the mountains as you journey along an incredible snowy landscape, and keep warm under a cozy blanket. The Dolomites are a mountain group lying in the eastern section of the Northern Italian Alps, filled with natural beauty and diversity. You can experience the mountains this season and witness all the nature surrounding you, excellent cuisine, and more.

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Zakopane, Poland

The mountain ranges in Zakopane are incredible to see in the wintertime. If you haven’t checked them out, we recommend adding this beautiful, quaint town to your bucket list! Zakopane is known as the winter capital of Poland, where skiing and snowboarding are two of the top activities to do when it’s cold outside. With all of these winter activities to choose from, a winter sleigh ride can’t be beat. You can experience one of these magical sleigh rides daily in the Chocolowska Valley, the longest in the Tatras and one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe.

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Where will you take your next winter sleigh ride? Will you travel local or further away to experience one of the top magical sleigh rides this season? Wherever you decide to explore, we have maps to help guide your adventure! Don’t forget to tag us in your upcoming adventures on social media - you can find us on X(Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, and Threads!