Top 6 Flower Festivals to Visit this Season

The love of flowers and plants is worldwide! There’s a reason May is known as the season of flowers, it’s that beautiful time of year when the weather starts to get warmer, and everything is in full bloom!

Long before the days of emailing and texting messaging, people sent messages along with flowers. Communicating in this way with flowers is so meaningful today; each month has its unique birth month flower! In the month of May, the hawthorn and lily of the valley symbolize sweetness and purity. You won’t be surprised to find these beautiful flowers at different flower festivals around the world this month.

To make the most of the flower season, we’ve compiled a list of the top 6 flower festivals in May happening worldwide!

Flower Festivals Around the World

The Flower Festival- Girona, Spain

This incredible festival takes place in Barrio Vell, Girona. If you travel to Spain anytime in May, you must visit this spectacular floral festival. All corners of the city are filled with beautiful flowers, and monuments are filled with plants as well. Be sure to visit Antic Cinema Modern, Esglesia de Santa Llucia,and Passeig Arqueológic i muntaya de la O, Jardins de la Francesa as you make your way around the city. It’s an excellent opportunity to spend time with family in nature!

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RSH Chelsea Flower Show- London, England

If you haven’t heard, the RSN Chelsea Flower Show is often regarded as the world’s most incredible flower show! It’s the place to find cutting-edge garden design, new plants, and find ideas to take home. The show is a fantastic opportunity for exhibitors to present their floral works within different gardens or parks. This year, the 5-day event will take place from May 23rd-27th!

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Keukenhof Gardens, Amsterdam, Netherlands

From mid-March to mid-May, tulips transform a big part of the Netherlands into a beautiful colourful garden! These hectares also include daffodils, orchards, roses, and lilies, amongst many others. You won't be disappointed if you’re looking for a hiking adventure at Keukenhof Gardens. There are over 15km of hiking trails here, and you’ll get a spectacular view of the gardens while on the path. You’ll see unique flower shows, beautiful ponds, and various pavilions at this spring flower festival.

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Copenhagen Botanical Garden, Denmark

Copenhagen’s Botanical Garden is one of the best places to relax and observe unique flowers in the summer. It’s home to Denmark’s most extensive collection of plants worldwide. The garden has a charming shop and coffee cart where visitors can enjoy coffee on a beautiful sun-blissed day. Copenhagen Botanical Garden is a great place to bring the family for a picnic or a walk as you watch the unfolding of flowers. You can expect to find tulip trees and rhododendron blooming around you in May.

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Warkworth Lilac Festival, Canada

The annual Lilac Festival is just 90 minutes outside of Toronto, Ontario, in the charming town of Warkworth! Visitors can see rare and beautiful lilacs on display along the Millennium Lilac Trail. The Lilac Festival attracts a numerous amount of visitors per year from within and outside of the province.  Not only will you find activities to do with the family, but there will be many activities for gardeners and flower enthusiasts!

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Portland Rose Festival, USA

The Portland Rose Festival occurs every year between May and early June! For over 100 years, the Portland Rose Festival has been a beautiful celebration of the city of Portland. The festival features multiple parades, waterfall carnival rides, concerts, fireworks and plenty of roses! This three-week event is packed with fun- great food, flowers, fantastic features and more.

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