Top Tips for Visiting National Parks This Winter

Good Living is your ultimate guide to experiencing the splendour of South Australia's national parks, providing expert insights on exploring nature. Their latest blog offers invaluable advice for winter park visits, covering everything from packing for cold-weather camping to choosing the best winter camping spots. It's a comprehensive resource designed to enhance your outdoor adventures, ensuring you are well-prepared and informed about what to expect and how to make the most of your time in these beautiful natural settings.

One of the most important tips highlighted is to stay on marked trails. Adhering to designated paths is essential for the safety and protection of the park's environment as well as those using the trails. Trails can become obscured due to wind or storm damage, so it's vital to navigate with a map or GPS. The blog states that most national parks provide downloadable PDF maps that can be accessed through the Avenza Map app. They also mention how the Avenza Maps app allows users to download maps directly to their phone, enabling GPS functionality even without a signal ensuring that one can confidently explore the parks while safeguarding both the natural habitat and your well-being. Read the full blog to get all the tips.