Unveiling the Digital Age of Gold Prospecting with Doug Stone Gold Maps

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In the world of mapmaking, where history, precision, and technology come together, something remarkable happened. Doug Stone Gold Maps, starting from modest beginnings, embarked on a journey that changed how gold prospectors and adventurers explore the Australian outback. This story tracks their collaboration with Avenza Maps, telling a tale of innovation, commitment, and the pursuit of exceptional accuracy.

This story goes back to the late 1970s when Doug Stone started making detailed maps of Australia's Goldfields. These maps were initially made using traditional methods like film and drafting, drawing on his years of experience in the print and book publishing industry. With his extensive prospecting knowledge, decades of experience, and a deep passion for prospecting, Doug Stone has painstakingly created a collection of gold maps that showcase his expertise and unwavering dedication to this exciting pursuit. The digital age has brought new possibilities and transformed the field of cartography. Doug Stone's expertise in Australia's goldfields, combined with advanced mapping technology, has resulted in a comprehensive series of gold maps that offer valuable information to those exploring these rugged landscapes.


Discovering Avenza

Greg Dunnett, the cartographer behind Doug Stone Gold Maps, discovered Avenza Maps in 2017, marking the start of a new era. At a mapping conference in Sydney that focused on GEO Referencing and intricate indoor mapping, Doug and Julie (wife, author and business partner) met Ted Florence, the CEO of Avenza Maps. Their goal was clear: connect paper-based clients with the digital world. They used smart strategies like placing ads on maps and gold prospecting books, as well as impressive demonstrations at trade shows, to spread the word. Ted's influence was pivotal. The business saw a significant boost in revenue, turning a modest $17 return in June 2017 into a vital part of the enterprise. The Avenza Professional User Package allowed for field testing, enhancing the accuracy of Doug Stone Gold Maps' offerings.

Doug Stone Gold Maps at The Gold Expo

The Avenza Map Application, initially an uncharted territory, became a staple for Australian government departments, tourists, and renowned map publishers. For many Australians, dreams of camping and 4x4 adventures in the remote outback are intertwined with gold's allure. Doug Stone Gold Maps understood this symbiotic relationship, and Avenza's tools fueled their endeavours. Two integral features stood out: Track Trace and Photo Import. These tools became cornerstones in their meticulous map-making process.  These features help road-test the maps before submitting them to the Avenza Map Store for approval, ensuring that the expectations of the GEO Referencing process are met and providing customers with high-quality Gold maps.

Map Making Process

The Doug Stone Gold Maps process is initiated by drafting base maps to encompass the extensive historical gold diggings and mines within a specific goldfield. Information is diligently collected from various sources, including historic map collections, local histories, and mining records. All the notes and points of interest are meticulously marked on their base maps before progressing to the Geo Referencing stage. Subsequently, they venture into the field to customize the map with precise field checks. This critical step sets their Gold Maps in Australia apart, as they thoroughly examine the 10 x 17 km map areas, tracing minor tracks, interpreting land disturbances, and highlighting potential areas for prospecting. This is the stage where the Avenza Application assumes a pivotal role.

Landcruiser on challenging terrain of Australia

During this phase, the Avenza Map Trace feature is employed with the help of iPads mounted on the windshields of their vehicles, typically Toyota Landcruisers or, when faced with challenging terrain, a Suzuki Jimny. Fieldwork is deemed indispensable, and in some instances, iPads are tucked in their backpacks. At the end of each day, screenshots are diligently emailed to their cartographer to facilitate the refinement of their maps.

The Avenza Application simplifies the process of recording special features in the field for the team, allowing them to plot photographs instead of manually recording GPS positions. The team uses an iPad to capture pictures, which they review later, selecting the relevant ones and importing them onto their map.

The Significance of Partnering with Avenza Maps

The collaboration with Avenza Maps contributed to the growth and production of popular maps for Gold Prospectors in Australia. Doug Stone Gold Maps have already published over 50 Gold & Relic Maps, three State Atlases, four Gold Prospecting Books, and are on the verge of releasing a New Prospector's Guide featuring maps of "Victoria's Golden Triangle" in July. In short, the use of pictures significantly streamlines their map-making process, saving them both time and effort.

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Doug Stone Gold Maps represents a blend of tradition and technology, history and innovation. Through their partnership with Avenza Maps, they've not only improved accuracy but also sparked a love for exploration. Each map now offers the excitement of discovery and adventure, bridging the gap between paper and digital maps, ensuring that the allure of gold's legacy endures.

Trusted Partner in Gold Prospecting

Doug Stone Gold Maps is more than just a business. It's a passionate endeavour rooted in preserving gold prospecting history while embracing modern technology. Their collaboration with Avenza Maps blends tradition with innovation, creating maps that not only guide but also ignite the spirit of exploration and adventure in every prospector. As they keep up with evolving mapping tech, one thing is clear: the allure of gold and the wealth of knowledge in their maps will continue to captivate prospectors for generations. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to gold hunting, Doug Stone Gold Maps is your trusted companion on the quest for that elusive treasure. 

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