World Reef Awareness Day

It’s June 1st! Not only is it the unofficial announcement of summer, but we celebrate World Reef Day! World Reef Day is a day when the world comes together in awareness to reflect on our earth’s delicate coral reefs and take action to prevent further reef loss. World Reef Day also kicks off World Ocean Month for the entire month of June! This day unites different people, businesses, and social activists to develop various ideas to protect the ecosystems of our coral reefs.

How to Observe World Reef Day

There are many ways to get involved and make a difference for World Reef Day! We created a map to help you identify the difference between healthy vs unhealthy coral and understand how climate change plays a role.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you!

Host a World Reef Day Event 

One great way to observe World Reef Day is to get your community involved by hosting an event! This could be anything from a small gathering with friends to a more significant community event. Spark some new ideas and conversations, raising awareness on coral reefs and their role in our ecosystem.

Participate in a Beach Cleanup

Join a local beach cleanup close to you, or gather a group of friends and start your own! Do your part by cleaning up plastic along the beach and preventing further entanglement in our oceans, reefs and more.

Choose Reef Safe Activities and Tour Operators

The next time you plan on exploring a new tour operator during your trip, consider booking activities with sustainable tour operators. Booking activities with a sustainable tour operator will ensure you do not support environmental degradation.

Look Where You Throw

When we're out in the forest, it’s so important that we follow the leave no trace principles, and with our oceans, there is no exception! When out on the water or at the beach, be mindful of any waste you have along with you. Be sure to dispose of all trash properly.