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How a Passion for Cycling and Maps Turned Into a Map Store Success Story

Doug Shidell is a biking enthusiast and author turned cartographer who started out publishing his first bicycle touring guide in 1975. Since then, he has been producing cycling maps, guides, and books about cycling in the Minneapolis area and Midwest region of the United States.

With the appearance of smartphones and tablets, Shidell started experimenting with mobile maps in 2007. In 2014 he launched a line of GPS-enabled digital maps sold through the Avenza Map Store. “My customers moved me into digital,” Shidell says. “They would tell me that they may forget to bring the paper map along when they ride, but they never leave home without their phone. Avenza Maps allow me to reach my customers where they’re at.”

“I’ve been with Avenza since they began with the Apple app. I like the methodical way they keep improving the customer experience like better graphics, better searches and links to use on my website. My customers notice the improvements, and I see the difference in sales and downloads.”

Shidell's maps have been downloaded thousands of times from the Avenza Map Store thanks in part to his efforts at making it easy for potential customers to find them. The Bikeverywhere website features links to Map Store listings, cross-selling opportunities for printed and digital maps, and highlights the benefits of digital maps through tips on mobile map features. In addition, well-crafted Map Store listing clearly states the benefits and value-added features of Bikeverywhere's maps.

"The mission of Bikeverywhere has always been to produce the most accurate, up to date maps possible.” Says Shidell. “We update maps regularly and offer placemark layers that can be imported from a cloud location to augment the map.”

While most of his maps are of the US mid-west, Shidell, an avid bicycle tourist, maps out his bike tours and adds them to his Map Store Listings to encourage others to try touring.

Shidell, who recently retired from his day job, is always outdoors keeping active, and of course, making amazing maps.

Find Doug Shidell's maps on the Bikeverywhere website and in the Avenza Map Store.