Get New Map Versions Into the Hands of Buyers

World map on a brown paper

Since 2012, the Avenza Map Store has grown to nearly a million maps for users to search and download. We have been working diligently on improving the search functionality and adding new features to help users get those maps onto their mobile devices, and there are some big changes coming in the next few months!

For a user to have confidence in a map, they need to know that it is the most up-to-date representation of the trail they are hiking, the park they are visiting or the city they are exploring. We know that as a map publishers, you want to provide the latest and greatest maps for this reason. So we have introduced a map version feature to help make it possible.

Map Versions allows you to update your map products and automatically notify users about the new version. There is built-in flexibility for you to charge a discounted price or provide the update for free. Map Versions add an additional level of comfort to users knowing that they have the most relevant version of the map on their device.

Keeping Maps Relevant

Up-to-date versions of maps are one of the best ways to get your maps noticed in the Avenza Map Store. When faced with many maps of the same area, potential buyers will gravitate towards the most recently published maps to get the most current and accurate information.

Should I Charge for New Map Versions?

You have the choice, when you upload a new version of your map, to provide it for free or at a discount to returning customers. The option you choose depends on the map, the magnitude of the changes made, and generally whether you need to recover the costs of updating the map.

What App Users See

Avenza Maps app users can access a list of all of their previously purchased and downloaded maps in the app. When an update is available a button appears in the list, beside the map, notifying the user. The user can choose to download the new version immediately or ignore the notification. They also have the option to replace the older version with the new one or keep` the old version in addition to the new one. Any data they have added to the map will carry over to the new version.

Best Practices for Updating Maps   

- Update maps at least once per year

- Include a description of the most recent changes to your map, or what’s new on the map in the Map Store listing description

- Decide whether it is appropriate to charge for a new map version or whether you can provide it at no cost

- Promote your map updates on your website and through your social media

How to Update Your Maps in the Avenza Map Store

Current listings in the Avenza Map Store can be updated through the Publisher Portal or using the Batch Uploader. For a detailed description of how to create a new version of your maps read this Help Doc. As always, we love your feedback so let us know what you think about Map Versions!