Increase Your Exposure by Adding Map Store Links to Your Website

Sharing links to your Avenza Map Store listings on your website and social media is a great way to increase traffic to your products and to ultimately increase your sales. Adding links makes it easy for users to move directly from your website or social content to purchase your products in the Map Store. Examples of this are either direct links to product listings, links to your publisher landing page, or using QR codes. Check out some great examples of product linking used by some of our Map Store Publishers!

Linking to Individual Products and Bundles

NYNJ Trail Conference has a section on its website dedicated to selling its maps. Within each page, users are able to purchase a paper version of the map on the NYNJ site or be directed to the Avenza Map Store, through one of the hyperlinks available on the page, to purchase a digital version of the map.

Each of the links to the Avenza Map Store brings the user to the appropriate product listing page on, where users can buy the map. Listing the individual maps, as well as the bundle here is a fantastic idea, allowing users to decide exactly which product they want, or purchase the bundle for a discounted price.

A note about user experience: When users click a Map Store link on a mobile device, the appropriate page on opens in a mobile browser. However, trapping to add a product to the shopping cart will automatically trigger the Avenza Maps app to open, or prompt the user to download and install the app in order to complete the sale.

Linking to Your Publisher Page

Mapsynergy has dozens of ski resort maps available in the Avenza Map Store. On its website,, users can choose to purchase paper copies of individual maps, digital versions, or merchandise printed with the map art. With an ever-changing and growing catalogue of maps, Mapsynergy chooses to create just one link to its complete catalogue on the Avenza Map Store rather than links to individual products. To achieve this, Mapsynergy used a link to their Publisher Landing Page which displays the search view of the Map Store, filtered to display only Mapsynergy maps.

Clicking the Get Yours Now! button links directly to Mapsynergy’s Publisher page in the Avenza Map Store, where users can find all of the maps they are looking for, and purchase them for use in Avenza Maps. Learn all about Publisher Landing pages and how to create yours in our Map Store Help pages. 

Making Use of QR Codes

Our last example, NSWTopo uses an interactive map on its website, to direct users to the appropriate product links in the Avenza Map Store. 

Clicking any tile on the map directs the user to the Map Store listing page on However, hovering over any tile displays a QR code that users can scan using a smartphone or tablet. This format works very well for Map Store Publishers offering a large number of topographic maps but it can be useful for other types of publishers as well!

Regardless of how you choose to organize your maps on your company’s website, it’s a good idea to add links to the Avenza Map Store either to individual Map Store listings or to your Publisher page. Doing so will increase the amount of traffic that goes to your Map Store listings, and reduces the friction for people to find and purchase your digital maps. Feel free to reach out to the Map Store team to discuss your strategy if you’re not sure what will work best for you. We’re always here to help!