New Pricing Strategies to Boost Map Sales and Simplify Map Store Operations

For over a decade, the Map Store has been bringing together map-makers from all over the world and providing them with a platform to offer and distribute their maps digitally to an ever-growing mobile audience. The Map Store platform provides the flexibility to sell maps in local currencies and to adapt pricing to meet the changing demands of global customers. In order to continue to grow this vision, on August 1st, 2024, we will be introducing some changes to the Map Store pricing structure and payout model to increase map sales and make account management easier.

Pillar Prices

While Publishers have been able to set their prices almost anywhere between 1 and 250 USD, sales data and models have shown that maps at certain price points are purchased more frequently than others, even if there are lower-priced options. We are calling these pillar prices.

New Map Store Price Tiers effective August 1, 2024

Tier 2*






Tier 5






Tier 10






Tier 15






Tier 20






Tier 25






Tier 30






Tier 35






Tier 40






Tier 45






Tier 50






Tier 52






Tier 54






Tier 56






Tier 58






Tier 60






Tier 64






Tier 66






Tier 77






*The lowest price point selectable will now be $1.99 USD.

We will be focusing on these pillar prices for all maps in the Map Store. Pricing maps in this way is expected to increase overall revenue for Publishers and create a more effortless buying experience for Avenza Maps users. Any maps that do not currently align with these pillar prices will be automatically adjusted to the one nearest its current price. This may result in the pricing of your maps being increased or reduced depending upon their current pricing. Free maps will remain free.

Current Price New Price















Examples of the price adjustments.

You can change the price of your maps after this adjustment by going to the Edit Product page for your maps and selecting from the Pricing drop-down menu. All pricing tiers will still be available to set as discounts for new map versions.

Simplified Platform Fee

Users are able to purchase maps using the Avenza Maps app on Apple (App Store) and Android (Play Store) devices as well as on The fees to purchase maps on various platforms can differ, creating a complex and confusing payment reconciliation process.

In order to streamline this process, we will be aligning all fee structures to maintain a single, simplified platform fee across all Map Store purchasing platforms. Since most purchases are currently made on Apple and Android devices, the simplified platform fee will match existing and well-established Apple and Google fees. This means your proceeds from purchases made in the Avenza Maps app will not change. This change will only affect purchases made on the web to cover the e-commerce platform fees, maintenance,  ongoing development and improvements of our online store.

All of the changes will be rolled out as of August 1st, 2024. If you have any questions or concerns about any of these changes, please contact

Discover the Map Store

We are focused on helping our publishers grow and be successful in the Map Store. To accomplish this, it means listening to our users about their experiences and turning that feedback into reality. 

Some additional changes that you will see in the future include:

  • Renaming “Store” in the Avenza Maps app to “Discover” to convey that the Map Store is more than just a place to spend money.
  • Giving publishers the ability to offer discounts on their maps to run their own promotions.
  • More resources for publishers to promote their digital maps online, over social media, and on print materials.

Together with you, our publishers, we will enable more people to discover your maps and the Map Store!