Promoting Your Avenza Map Store Listings

Now that you've listed your maps in the Avenza Map Store, they are available to hundreds of thousands of Avenza Maps app users to browse, search and buy. However, that's not the only way potential customers can find them!    

Think of the Map Store as your own digital delivery fulfillment system. You can drive traffic to the store listings from your web pages, social media and even cross-promote digital versions from e-commerce products.

Whether you choose one method or use a combination of all three, the more visible you make your Map Store Listings, the more maps you'll sell.

Here are some ways that you can point digital map buyers in the direction of your map store listings:

1. Add a Web Page to Your Site

Create a new page on your website dedicated to digital maps. Make it bold and add it to your website's navigation, or keep it more subtle with a simple 'Digital Maps' item in the footer item.

Where this page lands really depends on the structure of your site, and how prominent you want your digital maps to be. Either way, don't forget to create some links to this page from other areas of your website.

What to include on the page:

  • Links to individual Map Store listings or to your Map Store Publisher Page which shows all of your currently available maps

  • Explanation of the Avenza Maps app as the viewer for your digital maps

  • Instructions on how to purchase digital maps

Other information you may consider adding to your site:

  • List a few of the benefits of digital maps

  • Add app store badges or links to download Avenza Maps

  • Link to a tutorial or video on how to use the app (find some on our YouTube channel)

2. The Map Store Badge        

Add a visual element to make your digital maps stand out. One way to do so is using the Avenza Map Store badge, with a link to a specific map, or to your Publisher Page.

Here are some snippets that you paste into your webpage code to create links to individual maps and bundles, or to your Publisher Page:  

<div><a href=""><img src=""></a></div>

<div><a href="">< img src=""></a></div>

3. e-Commerce Listings

If you have an e-commerce site on which you sell paper maps, add a link to the appropriate digital map in each product description.

Use it as an opportunity to up-sell the digital version as a backup for paper maps, or as an alternative for customers who don't want to pay or wait for shipping.

Customers will appreciate having options and may even decide to purchase both!

Be sure to note that the buyer will be directed to the Map Store to complete the digital purchase.

What to Include in the Listing:

  • A link to the individual Map Store listing on the Avenza Map Store
  • A link to the Avenza Maps website for information about the app
  • A link to your Publisher Page (optional)

4. Social Media

Your social media accounts can be valuable sources of traffic, and a great way to introduce your digital maps to your followers. Tag @AvenzaMaps in your captions, as in the examples below, to also reach our network of followers. You can use images of your listed maps - could be a screen capture of a portion of the map, a cover image, or anything else you feel is a good representation of the item.