Rand McNally Road Maps are Going Mobile

Rand McNally is one of the most recognizable names in publishing. They opened their doors in Chicago in 1856, printing train timetables and schedules. Over the next 168 years, they built a reputation for quality and reliability and are today recognized as one of the oldest and most esteemed mapmakers in the world.

Maps are a critical medium for exploring our world and the tools used to interact with them have changed considerably since William H. Rand and Andrew McNally printed their first page. That is why Rand McNally and Avenza Systems have partnered to bring Rand’s world-class maps to your mobile devices.

But this partnership involves more than just Avenza Maps. Rand McNally’s maps feature various projections and layouts designed for print, so preparing them for mobile devices was no simple task. By leveraging Geographic Imager they georeferenced their original map files into ones that can be used on your phone in a matter of days.

Tom Vitacco, Director of GIS at Rand McNally, explains: 

"We've known about Avenza Systems for years, but it was their advanced georeferencing tools and intuitive interface that convinced us to collaborate. Avenza Maps provides the perfect platform to bring our meticulously detailed print maps into the digital realm."

"We're excited to offer our best-selling maps in digital format," Tom continues. "This partnership allows us to reach a broader audience who appreciate the detail and accuracy of our maps for trip planning and navigation."

The collaboration with Avenza Maps not only expands Rand McNally's reach but also enhances the versatility of their products. By combining the reliability of their print maps with the accessibility of digital technology, they aim to empower travelers with comprehensive tools for exploration and navigation.

"We envision a future where travelers can seamlessly integrate our maps into their digital world," Tom reflects. "Whether it's plotting a cross-country road trip or exploring a new city, Rand McNally Publishing maps, both in print and digital, will continue to be indispensable companions."

You can find all of Rand McNally Publishing's available mobile maps here!