See What Users See - Testing Your Maps in the Avenza Maps App

As an app developer, we spend a considerable amount of time and resources on testing to ensure that each time we release a new version of the app, it performs and looks as expected. Our Quality Assurance Team tests every aspect of the app’s functionality, looking for bugs or issues that simply don’t work the way they are supposed to. Part of that testing is also devoted to usability, determining whether the app performs the way a user would expect it to in a wide range of potential use cases.

Maps Also Need Testing

While we concentrate on testing the app itself, and the functionality and usability of the Avenza Map Store, we strongly recommend all publishers test their own maps in the Avenza Maps app—prior to submitting for sale or download. Testing your maps beforehand helps ensure that the end products downloaded by Avenza Maps users will look and behave as you expect them to. If possible you should also test your maps in the field, to confirm the geospatial accuracy is correct and simply to experience your map as users will experience it. Usability testing is also a great starting point to find ways to improve on and add value to future versions of your maps.

How To Do It       

If you’ve only got one or two maps for sale, you can simply import them to the Avenza Maps app (Available on iOS and Android), and begin testing. However, unless you have a paid subscription of the app (Plus or Pro), you can only import and use up to three maps at a time. Therefore, as a courtesy to publishers who have multiple maps to
test, we offer a temporary Avenza Maps Pro license to allow you to upload as many maps as you have, so you can test them all at the same time.

Testing licenses are available upon request to active Avenza Map Store publishers. Contact the Map Store team to find out if you qualify for a free testing licence of Avenza Maps Pro or see what steps you can take to become eligible!

Once you have your access code, activate Avenza Maps Pro by entering the code in the app on your mobile device. You can begin importing maps to test! The complimentary subscriptions are only temporary, so check back in with the Map Store team if you need an extension.

Understanding what users see while using your map is an important part of quality testing. We encourage you to test each of the maps and bundles that you list in the Avenza Map Store before submitting for approval. Testing your map in advance can also help eliminate delays in the approval process when you’ve already done a first check of the resolution and georeferencing before we do follow through with our internal checks. As always, our Map Store Team is here to help with any questions about listing or testing your maps in Avenza Maps.