Achieve better GPS Accuracy in Avenza Maps with Trimble GPS Devices

Trimble device with Avenza Maps app navigating on snow-covered trail through forest in autumn

The Avenza Maps Pro mobile mapping app is widely used in forestry, logging and other areas where remote field workers need accurate information about their location. Avenza Maps Pro works with your smartphone or tablet’s GPS capability to locate yourself on digital maps in the app, even without internet or cell network connectivity. 

Most smartphones and tablets have GPS capability, however, their ability to obtain accurate GPS fixes varies greatly between devices. As a result, the average smartphone or tablet is only capable of GPS accuracy in the range of 5-10 meters. While this is sufficient for some applications, many users need greater accuracy in order to collect better data and record their location more precisely.              

Trimble's precise positioning enables greater location accuracy        

Recently, Avenza Systems, the developer of Avenza Maps, has joined Trimble’s GIS Business Partner Program. As part of the program, Avenza has implemented the Trimble Precision SDK (Software Developer Kit) to integrate high-accuracy positioning capability in its Avenza Maps Pro app running on smartphones or tablets using Trimble GNSS receivers. This allows app users to benefit from greater location accuracy while offline. Depending on the Trimble receiver or device used, GPS accuracy within centimeters can be achieved. Better accuracy improves the quality of data collected or added to maps and can help to enhance safety by providing more accurate positioning information. 

Trimble GPS devices including the Trimble® R1 and R2 GNSS receivers can be paired directly with iOS and Android phones and tablets running the Avenza Maps Pro mobile app. Trimble handhelds including the Trimble TDC100TDC600TDC150 and Trimble Nomad® 5 can also be used with Avenza Maps Pro. The pairing allows location information from the Trimble device to flow into Avenza Maps Pro where it can be applied to functionality within the app including self-location, dropping placemarks, measuring lines, navigating and more. Avenza Maps Pro users can take advantage of the Trimble integration at no additional cost with their current subscription.

Avenza Maps Pro workflows empowered by high accuracy positioning         

“We are excited to be working with Avenza Systems to combine high-accuracy GPS data collection devices with simple, easy-to-use GIS workflows in Avenza Maps,” said Stephanie Michaud, Strategic Marketing Manager, Trimble Surveying & Mapping Field Solutions. “Creating a seamless integration with Trimble high-accuracy receivers and the Avenza Maps software will empower customers with a comprehensive and precise field data collection solution that delivers high-quality, reliable data.”

“In working together with Trimble, we are holding true to the mission of Avenza Maps, which is to simplify and improve the experience of mobile mapping at every level from recreational users to GIS professionals,” says Ted Florence, President of Avenza Systems, Inc. “Trimble products are well-known and well-respected in the industries we mutually serve. Forest management, logging, and exploration organizations as well as search-and-rescue and emergency response agencies now have a better way to leverage these ‘tools of the trade’ for even better results.” 

Avenza Maps displayed on a Trimble device

To learn more about Avenza Maps Pro + Trimble, visit Trimble's page here.