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In modern orienteering, participants compete against the clock by using highly detailed topographic maps to find checkpoints, referred to as control points. 

The sport challenges participant's navigational abilities, endurance, and resourcefulness by leading them to think on their feet and use creative problem-solving skills, all while either skiing, running, or mountain biking.  

Whether you're interested in ski orienteering or more inclined to travel on foot or by mountain bike, the use of high-quality orienteering maps has always been a crucial component of the sport. 

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Bring us with you to your next orienteering event for a seamless experience. Navigate any situation with ease by browsing our vast collection of resources available in the Avenza Map Store.

Elevate your next adventure by downloading the Avenza Maps app. Choose from a broad selection of high-quality geospatial PDF maps available from professional publishers globally. We utilize the existing GPS capabilities of your smartphone so you can navigate offline. No internet or cellular connection is required.

When you combine GPS technology with the freedom of offline functionality, nothing can stand in your way! Start planning your next adventure today.