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There’s no feeling like sailing across the open water on a beautiful sunny day. Whether you’re out on the sea for a day trip with family or taking an extended sailing trip to a faraway island, you will find what you need with Avenza Maps. 

Before you next set sail, make sure to prepare with the right materials. Get access to accurate open sea maps, nautical charts, cruising guides, and boating maps in the Avenza Maps Store and access them all at any time, conveniently on your mobile device.  

With Avenza, you get more than just directions. Select a nautical map and find helpful information like water hazards, safety depth contours, and nearby navigation aids and marine services. 

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Locate yourself without internet or network connections

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Plot and record information about locations

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Import your PDF maps and use them inside the app

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Stay on track, on the trail, and out of restricted areas

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Download mobile maps and use them offline

We want to help you prepare for any situation. Keep us on board to ensure you don’t get caught in bad weather without knowing where the closest shelter or safe harbor is. 

No matter where your adventure takes you, the Avenza Maps app has got you covered. The app uses the GPS capabilities of your mobile device to display your location fully offline, providing you with helpful nautical information along the way. You won’t need cell phone reception or internet access to navigate your way to safety in case of unforeseen circumstances. 

Choose from a large selection of high-quality geospatial PDF maps available from professional publishers around the world. Equip your sailboat with Avenza for access to detailed offline directions for anywhere your journey might lead. 

Start planning your next adventure today.