Avenza Participates in Toronto’s Annual Spring Cleanup

Every year, we engage in Toronto’s annual spring cleanup! We’re so excited to be back participating in Clean Toronto Together to celebrate Earth Day this year. Since 2004, the city of Toronto has held a city-wide spring cleanup weekend aiming to bring Toronto residents, businesses, community groups, and schools together to clean up litter in local areas and restore green spaces within the city.

Many groups choose to schedule a 20-minute clean-up around 2 pm, and we encourage you to attend a community cleanup or pick up litter around your local park or green space this week. Clean Toronto Together helps communities gather and put litter where it belongs- inside local trash bins!

Last year, over 1000 cleanups took place, and over 70,000 residents and community members pitched in! Cleanup Initiatives help us reduce litter and pollution while keeping our environment safe and clean. The next time you participate in a clean-up, you can even take Avenza Maps to track your distance and mark larger debris that should be picked up later. Small actions make a difference and contribute to a greater goal of keeping our environment clean!