From Family Camping to Cross-Country Adventures: Lauren's Journey with Avenza Maps

Lauren grew up amidst the natural beauty of Oregon, where her family's love for camping and off-road adventures ignited a lifelong passion for the outdoors. From a young age, Lauren explored the rural corners of Oregon, creating memories that would shape her future endeavours. As she started her own family, she knew that camping and exploring the wilderness would be integral to their lives. Lauren and her family embraced the outdoor lifestyle, camping every summer from when the children were just babies.

Lauren faced an unexpected challenge when the pandemic struck, and the world came to a standstill. The isolation and confinement took a toll on her mental health, making it difficult to stay indoors. Determined to find solace in nature, she set a goal to hike 100 miles with her kids that year. Despite the struggle to find open trails, they packed their gear and headed into Oregon's mountains and high deserts, embarking on an off-the-grid camping adventure during the summer of 2020. This decision began a transformative journey for Lauren and her family.

Discovering, Exploring and Navigating With the Avenza Maps App

As Lauren and her family ventured deeper into their outdoor explorations, she was introduced to Avenza Maps by family members involved in local search and rescue groups. Initially relying on paper maps, she quickly realized the immense potential of the app. Avenza Maps became an indispensable tool, providing a vast collection of maps in one place. Whether it was gazetteers covering entire states, digital versions of national park maps, city maps of hiking trails, motor use vehicle maps for dispersed camping on public lands, or Bureau of Land Management maps, Avenza had it all.

One of Lauren's favourite features within the app is the ability to Plot Placemarks with notes on the maps. During a recent trip to Sedona, this feature proved invaluable. She could plan her hikes meticulously by dropping pins at various trailheads and adding notes about current trail conditions or points of interest. Researching ahead of time, she marked locations of petroglyphs and other hidden gems, ensuring that her family could fully explore and appreciate the sites. Avenza Maps empowered Lauren to navigate with confidence and share these experiences with her children.

Lauren primarily uses the app during their camping and hiking adventures, enhancing their overall experience. The app's ability to work offline, even in remote areas without an internet signal, has been a game changer. It has allowed her to hike with her kids confidently and assist others on the trail. On one occasion, they encountered a group searching for an unmarked side trail. Using Avenza Maps, Lauren showed them the correct path, and soon, she found herself leading a group of eight people to their destination. This experience solidified her trust in the app and turned a few new adventurers into Avenza users.

Passion and Love for Nature and Adventures

While Lauren's love for the Pacific Northwest is unwavering, she also cherishes the deserts of Arizona and Southern Utah. When Oregon's gray clouds and rain become too much, she finds refuge in the sun-drenched landscapes. Her recent visit to Palm Springs, where she discovered the enchanting palm oasis hikes, was a revelation. Similarly, eastern Kentucky and Tennessee's lush greens and captivating geography have captured her heart. The Appalachian Mountains, Red River Gorge, and Smoky Mountains are places she dreams of calling home, with their fireflies, creeks, waterfalls, and fantastic hiking trails.

Lauren's recent adventures took her to Sedona, Joshua Tree National Park, and Palm Springs, where she hiked over sixty miles in eleven days. Avenza Maps was her indispensable guide, leading her through breathtaking landscapes far from any internet signal. Looking ahead, Lauren is planning a bucket list hike to Havasupai Falls and a two-week road trip through Idaho, northern Utah, the Columbia Gorge, and the northern coastal areas of Oregon, and she is excited to explore new maps from the Avenza Map Store.

Lauren's journey with Avenza Maps exemplifies the transformative power of technology in enhancing outdoor experiences. From her humble beginnings in Oregon to exploring the diverse beauty of the United States, Lauren and her family have created unforgettable memories and inspired others to embrace the great outdoors. Avenza Maps has been a steadfast companion, empowering them to navigate with confidence, discover hidden treasures, and share their adventures with the world. As Lauren continues her quest to hike 1,000 miles with her kids, Avenza Maps will undoubtedly be by her side, guiding them on their remarkable journey.

Follow Lauren's adventures, documented on @yoradventures, to be inspired and set out on your own journey exploring the outdoors. Before you set out on your next adventure, explore features such as the Record GPS Track Tool and Sharing Maps on the Avenza Maps App.

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